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Natural Cure Books

Reference books on Natural Healing and Cure

-Handbook of Nature Cure Volume One: Nature Cure vs. Medical Science | by John L. Fielder
Dr Fielder eschews the use of all forms of medication whether they be so-called 'natural' or otherwise, including supplementation. He believes solely in the self-reparative nature of the organism and its ability to heal itself given the necessary care, attention and environment. The only exception being in the case of major trauma where reparative surgery is necessary.
-Impaired Health: Its Cause And Cure | Volume 1 | by John H. Tilden
All disease, according to Tilden, is due to toxemia. Herein are cures for all the popular diseases that afflict humanity.
-Impaired Health: Its Cause And Cure | Volume 2 | by John H. Tilden
People are beginning to understand that their discomforts come from morbidities, both mental and physical
-The Hygienic System: Orthotrophy | Herbert M. Shelton
Unnatural food is the principal cause of human degeneration. It is the oldest vice. If we reflect upon the number of ruinous dietetic abuses, and their immemorial tyranny over the larger part of the human race, we are tempted to eschew all symbolic interpretations of the paradise legend and ascribe the fall of man literally and exclusively to the eating of forbidden food. From century to century this same cause has multiplied the sum of our earthly ills. -- Felix L. Oswald
-The Hygienic System: Fasting And Sun Bathing | by Herbert M. Shelton
In presenting this volume on fasting I am well aware of existing prejudices against the procedure. It has long been the practice to feed the sick and to stuff the weak on the theory that "the sick must eat to keep up their strength." It is very unpleasant to many to see long established customs broken, and long cherished prejudices set at naught, even when a great good is to be achieved. In this volume we offer you real wisdom and true science--we offer you the accumulated wisdom of many thousands of years, wisdom that will still be good when the mass of weakening, poisoning and mischief-inflicting methods of regular medicine are forgotten. A brief history of fasting will help to prove the truth of this.
-The Hygienic System: Orthopathy | by Herbert M. Shelton
To all who believe in the omniscience of phenomena--that action and reaction are inherent--a part of an object and its environment-- and that the two forces are equal--that compensation is ever and forever in the balance of necessity"; that the law of adjustment is always immanent, and demand and supply are ever-present; that "the cause of any and every need of a living entity is at the same time the cause of the satisfaction of that need"; that every noxious influence "acting" on the human body is extinguished eo ipso; that the noxious agent itself occasions the creation of the protective device which renders it innocuous; that the movements of the living organism, in "disease" as in health, are always teleological, always lawful, and always in the highest interest of Life; that the disposition of the forces of Life may safely be left to the eternal and immutable laws of Life; this book is dedicated
-Natural Hygiene: Man's Pristine Way Of Life | by Herbert M. Shelton
We are not Reformers; we are Revolutionists. Medical reform--the world has had quite enough of that. Reforming the drug system by substituting one set of drugs for another is a ridiculous farce. It may, to be sure, substitute a lesser for a greater evil, in many cases, but is like reforming big lies with little falsehoods. It is like reforming swearing with obscene language; or like reforming robbing with cheating. Reforming allopathy with homeopathy and both with physio-medicalism, and all these with eclecticism, is like promoting temperance by substituting cider and lager for rum, brandy, gin, wine, or flesh eating by substituting milk, butter, cheese, for animal food...
-A Guide To Health | by Benjamin Colby
If the last century is an example to learn from, it will be many frantic years before we "irregulars" bring about the re-ordination of mainstream medicine back into the vitalist center. In that context, as well as for some of its surprisingly sound observations, this popular little book from 150 years ago can serve as a parable for our present perceptions of the early-stages of medical decline. --Michael Moore
-Nature Cure: Philosophy and Practice Based on the Unity of Disease and Cure | by Henry Lindlahr
There are two principal methods of treating disease. One is the combative, the other the preventive. The trend of modern medical research and practice in our great colleges and endowed research institutes is almost entirely along combative lines, while the individual, progressive physician learns to work more and more along preventive lines...
-Fasting, Hydropathy and Exercise | by Bernarr MacFadden
Nature's wonderful remedies for the cure of all chronic and acute diseases.
-Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key to Health | by Linda Burfield Hazzard
Dealing with the prevention and relief of disease through fasting and its accessories
-Health and Survival in the 21st Century | by Ross Horne
Viewed from space today, Planet Earth looks little different from how it would have looked a thousand years ago. Oceans and continents clearly visible in technicolor, veiled in swirling wisps of white clouds--it makes a pretty picture. Closer inspection, however, reveals big changes: less forest land, more deserts, more smoke haze, more scars. Damage, man-made. But that's only the visible damage...
-Elixirs And Flavoring Extracts. Their History, Formulae, & Methods of Preparation | by John Uri Lloyd
A classic volume from the 18th century
-Health Without Medicine. A Treatise On The Laws Of The Human System | by L. B. Coles
This work has been written during irregular and interrupted intervals, which have occurred amidst the pressure of other cares, and has passed through but one manuscript to the press; yet the ideas contained in it are the result of many years' experience, observation, and study; not particularly the study of books and others' theories, but the study of natural law, and the philosophy of facts. And although its leading motto is "Health without Medicine," yet it is not expected that no medicines are ever needed; it is sometimes necessary to take medicine to remove disease -- assist nature to throw off her incumbrances, and restore herself to health and strength...
-Shampooing Or Benefits Resulting From The Use Of The Indian Medicated Vapour Bath | by Sake Dene Mahomed
Containing a brief but comprehensive view of the effects produced by the use of the warm bath, in comparison with steam or vapour bathing. Also a detailed account of the various cases to which this healing remedy may be applied; its general efficacy in peculiar diseases, and its success in innumerable instances, when all other remedies had been ineffectual. To which is subjoined an alphabetical list of names (many of the very first consequence,) subsccibed in testimony of the important use & general approval of the indian method of shampooing.
-Auto-intoxication as a Cause and Complication of Disease | by W. Louis Chapman, M. D.
It will be the general plan of this paper to discuss the individual factors of auto-intoxication, their properties and the conditions under which they may be formed, and the diseases into whose etiology they enter, or which they may complicate.

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