The Salisbury Diet is sometimes adopted. Towers Smith advocated a diet on these lines, viz., rump steak 3 1/2 lbs., cod-fish 1 lb., and 6 pints daily of hot water for period of two weeks.

During the next three weeks the hot water is reduced to 4 pints, and other kinds of lean meat and fish are allowed, also green vegetables and unsweetened rusks. Subsequently, for months, the diet should consist of hot water 1 pint, crusts of stale bread, captains' biscuits, grilled meat, poultry or game, and hock or claret with seltzer water. Five grains of bicarbonate of potash are given night and morning.

Minimum Diet.

Maximum Diet.

1 p.m. - Wine and water, 200; soup, 0-100; roast beef, 150; or beef boiled with fat, 150 ; green salad, 25; green vegetables, 50; farinaceous pudding, 100; or rye bread, 20; fresh fruit, 100.

Wine, 250. Beef, 50 more. Salad, 25 more. Roll of bread, 25.

4 p.m. - Coffee, 80 ; milk, 20.

Coffee, 120; milk, 30.

Evening. - Wine, 200 or water, 250; 2 soft-boiled eggs or lean roast meat, 150; salad, 25; rye bread, 20; cheese, 15; fruit, 100.

Wine, 250; water, 100-150; Caviar, 12, or smoked salmon, 18; game, fowl or beef-steak, instead of roast beef, 150.

This diet is open to the same objections as the Banting diet. The Salisbury cure is described in the chapter on Special Diets and Diet Cures.

8. Von Noorden

Von Noorden prefers numerous small meals.

8 a.m.....Cold lean meat, 3 oz.; bread, 1 oz.; tea or coffee, with a spoonful of milk and no sugar.

10 a.m.....One egg.

12 a.m.....A cupful of strong soup without fat.

1 p.m. . . . .A small plate of clear soup; lean meat or fish, 5 oz.; potato, 3J oz.; green vegetables; fresh fruit, 3J oz.

3 p.m.....A cup of black coffee.

4 p.m.....Fresh fruit, 7 oz.

6 p.m.....A glass of skimmed milk.

8 p.m.....Cold lean meat, 4\ oz., with pickles; Graham bread, 1 oz.; 2-3 spoonfuls of fruit cooked without sugar. Two glasses of wine are allowed daily.