A. B - Z of Our Own Nutrition ($1.00, postage .10). Horace Fletcher.

Air, Water, and Food ($2.00, postage .18). Richards and Woodman.

Corn Plants ($1.00, postage .08). F. L. Sargent.

Cost of Food ($1.00, postage .10). Ellen H. Richards.

Cost of Living ($1.00, postage .10). Ellen H. Richards.

Dietary, The ($0.15, postage .02). Ellen A. Huntington.

Dietary Computer ($1.50, postage .12). Ellen H. Richards.

Dietetic Value of Bread ($1.50, postage .14). Goodfellow.

Diet in Relation to Age and Activity ($1.00, postage .08). Sir Henry Thompson.

Elements of the Theory and Practice of Cookery ($1.00, postage .08). Williams and Fisher.

Essentials of School Diet ($2.00). Clement Dukes.

Essentials of Chemical Physiology ($1.50, postage .14). Halliburton.

Food ($1.20, postage .08). A. H. Church.

Food as a Factor in Student Life ($0.25, postage .02). Richards and Talbot.

Food and Its Functions ($1.00, postage .08). James Knight.

Food Inspection and Analysis ($7.50). Albert E. Leach.

Food Products of the world ($1.50, postage .14). Mary E. Green, M. D.

Food and the Principles of Dietetics ($3.00, postage .26). Robert Hutchison, M. D.

Food and Feeding ($1.75, postage .14). Sir Henry Thompson.

Food in Health and Disease ($5.00). I. B. Yeo.

Food Materials and their Adulterations ($1.00, postage .08). Ellen H. Richards.

Handbook of Domestic Science and Household Arts ($1.00, postage .10). L. L. W. Wilson.

How to Feed Children ($1.00, postage .10). Louise E. Ho-gan.

Milk and Its Products ($1.00, postage .08). Wing.

Physiological Economy in Nutrition ($3.00, postage .20). R. H. Chittenden.

Plain Words About Food (Rumford Leaflets) ($1.00, postage .06). E. H. Richards.

Practical Dietetics ($5.00). Gilman Thompson, M. D.

Practical Sanitary and Economic Cooking ($0.40, postage .06). Mary Hinman Abel.

Story of a Grain of Wheat ($1.00, postage .10). W. C. Edgar.

Story of the Living Machine ($0.35, postage .04). H. W Conn. Note. - Books may be ordered through the School at the prices given. Any book for which the postage is given may be borrowed by members of the School for one week. Send the postage in stamps with the request.