Pure Food

Circular No. 16

Officials charged with the Enforcement of Food Laws in the United States and Canada.

Circular No. 17

Standards of Purity for Food Products.

Circular No. 59

Influence of Formaldehyde on the Digestive Enzymes.

Extract No. 44

Butter Substitutes.

Extract No. 221

The Use and Abuse of Food Preservatives.

Extract No. 328

Determination of the Effect of Preservatives on Food and Health.

Extract No. 331

The Adulteration of Drugs.

Farmers' Bulletin, No. 131

Household Tests for the Detection of Oleomargarine and Renovated Butter.

Bulletin No. 13

(Bureau of Chemistry). Part 9, Cereals and Cereal Products. Price 5 cents.

Bulletin No. 13

(Bureau of Chemistry). Part 10, Preserved Meats. Price 10 cents.

Bulletin No. 84

(Bureau of Chemistry). Influence of Food Preservatives on Health, Part I Boric Acid and Borax. Price 30 cents.

Bulletin No. 69

(Bureau of Chemistry). Food and Food Control. (Revised). Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII. Price 5 cents each.

National laws to 1905 in Part I and laws of all the States in alphabetical order. Request State laws wanted.

Bulletin No. 100

(Bureau of Chemistry). Some Forms of Food Adulteration and Simple Methods for their Detection. Price 10 cents.

Bulletin No. 46

(Bureau of Animal Industry). The Milk Supply of 200 Cities and Towns. Price 15 cents.

Bulletin No. 70

(Bureau of Animal Industry). Milk Supply of 29 Southern Cities. Price 5 cents.

Bulletin No. 81 - (Bureau of Animal Industry). The Milk Supply of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. Price 5 cents.

Also, see State publications on pure food, especially bulletins and reports of North Dakota Experiment Station, Fargo, N. D.; Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station, Laramie, Wyo.; Wisconsin Dairy and Food Commission, Madison, Wis.; Pennsylvania Dairy and Food Commission. Harrisburg, Pa.; Massachusetts State Board of Health, Boston, Mass.; Maine Agricultural Experiment Station, Orono, Me.; Nebraska Food Commission, Lincoln, Neb.; Minnesota Dairy and Food Commission, St. Paul, Minn., etc.

Periodicals And Lists

Experiment Station Record, published by U. S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Experiment Stations. Price $i.oo. Published monthly and contains extracts and summaries of national and state publications, foreign and domestic magazines, and current books relating to food and the work of the various departments.

The Monthly List of New Publications of the Department of Agriculture will be sent regularly to all who apply for it. (Free).

Complete list of bulletins for free distribution and for sale will be sent on application to the Department of Agriculture, also the list food of the Office of Experiment Stations, Bureau of Chemistry, etc.