Golden Toast

Cut the crust from a half-inch slice of bread, dry the bread in the oven, then toast it quickly until a golden brown, put it in a small vegetable dish or platter, pour over a half cupful of scalded milk to which you have added a saltspoon-ful of salt. Garnish the top of this with the hard-boiled yolk of one egg pressed through a sieve. Serve immediately.

If fatty matter is called for, spread the bread with butter before pouring over the milk, or add to the milk after you take it from the fire a tablespoonful of thick cream.

Beauregard Eggs

Hard boil one egg. Separate the white and the yolk, after it has been boiled, chop the white very fine or press it through a fine sieve, or put it through a vegetable press. Do the yolk the same. Keep them separate. Toast a square of bread. Put two level teaspoonfuls of butter and two of flour into a saucepan, mix, add eight tablespoonfuls of milk, stir over hot water until the sauce thickens, add a saltspoonful of salt and the whites of the eggs. Stir again, until hot; heap this on toast, cover it all over with the yolk of the egg, dust very lightly with salt, and serve at once.

A good supper for children, the aged or consumptives.

Egyptian Eggs

Beat one egg just enough to mix the white and yolk; add two tablespoonfuls of water and one tablespoonful of plain cream or cocoanut cream, the latter to be preferred; stand the bowl in a pan of boiling water, and beat rapidly until the egg is slightly congealed; turn this into a pretty little dish; put at the ends two triangular pieces of well-made toast; dust lightly with salt, and serve.

Eggs, Jefferson

Select a smooth, round tomato; cut a slice from the stem end and carefully cut out the seeds and core; put the tomato in a small granite or earthen dish, and then in the oven for about ten minutes, until thoroughly heated. Take from the oven, put in a half teaspoonful of butter, a dusting of salt, and then break in one fresh egg. Put this back in the oven until the egg is "set." Dust lightly with salt, dish neatly, and serve.

Eggs, Cardoze

Bake a medium-size, shapely potato until thoroughly done. Cut a slice from the side, scoop out the flesh, leaving a wall a half inch thick. Mash the potato; add two table-spoonfuls of cream and beat until light. Break into the potato a fresh egg, and put it back into the oven until the egg is set. Then cover the entire top with the mashed potato, brush with cream, and brown quickly in the oven. Dish on a paper mat, stick a pretty sprig of parsley at the side, and serve.