First-class sago is almost a pure starch made from the central part of several varieties of palms. East Indian sago meal, made from the Cycas, must not be confounded with our ordinary commercial sago. Recipes for cooking sago will be found among the desserts.


Genuine arrowroot, made from the stalk of the Maranta Arundinacea, is the most easily-digested of all starches. The starch cells of arrowroot are ruptured at a temperature of 180° Fahr. It is the smallest of all starch granules. Under the microscope it resembles closely, with the exception of size, potato starch, which looks like a tiny oyster shell. Much of the arrowroot sold in this market is adulterated with potato and cassava flour or other inferior starches. Adulteration, however, can be easily detected'by microscopic observations.