Broiled Sweetbreads

Split a prepared "heart" sweetbread into three slices, put it on a broiler over a clear fire, browning first one side, then the other. Serye it at once with a little butter and salt. For a convalescing patient, serve with it a spoonful of green peas, or it may be served on a piece of crisp toast.

Baked Sweetbreads

Remove the membrane from the outside of a prepared '"heart" sweetbread, brush it with melted butter, dust it with salt, wrap it in a piece of oiled letter paper or put it in a paper bag, and bake in a moderately quick oven thirty minutes. Transfer it to a small heated dish, and pour over it the sauce from the bag.

This may be served to an invalid with very young, tiny, fresh peas, or two or three tablespoonfuls of puree of green peas.

How To Cream Sweetbreads

Pick apart one prepared sweetbread, rejecting all the membrane. One gland will make two meals. Moisten two level teaspoonfuls of flour in a little cold milk, add a half cupful of hot milk, and when boiling add half a sweetbread. Stand the saucepan in another of hot water, cover and cook slowly for twenty minutes. Take from the fire, add a quarter of a teaspoonful of celery salt and a teaspoonful of butter. Serve on toast or in a border of carefully-boiled rice.

Sweetbreads In Jelly

Boil a pair of sweetbreads as directed; put them aside to cool. When cool, pick the sweetbreads apart, rejecting all the membrane. Cover a half box of gelatin with a half cupful of cold water, let it soak for a half hour, then add one cupful of boiling stock, a half teaspoonful, of beef extract, a half teaspoonful of celery salt and ten drops of onion juice; strain, and add a teaspoonful of lemon juice. Put the sweetbreads in a round or square mold, pour over the liquid jelly, just enough to cover, and stand aside in a cold place. This may be served with fresh celery or cress, or tender lettuce salad. A nice dish for the obese.


The liver, heart and kidneys of both veal, mutton, lamb and beef are unfit food for the sick.