Purchase a shin of beef, have it sawed into four lengths, remove the meat from the bone, put the bones into the bottom of the kettle, the meat on top, cover with four quarts of cold water, bring slowly to boiling point and skim. Push the kettle to the back of the stove, or put it over the simmering burner, to cook for three hours. Add one onion with six cloves stuck in it, one bay leaf, a half teaspoonful of crushed celery seed or a few celery tops, a carrot cut into pieces, a tablespoonful of salt and a dash of Tabasco sauce. Cook slowly one hour longer, and strain through a colander; stand aside in a cold place. In the morning remove every particle of fat from the surface. The stock should now form a perfectly clear, solid jelly; reheat the jelly, add two whites of eggs, slightly beaten, and a tablespoonful of lemon juice. Bring to boiling point, boil rapidly five minutes and strain through two thicknesses of cheesecloth wrung from cold water. Stand aside in a cold place, and use as wanted.

This may be served perfectly clear, as it is, cold or hot; or nutritious materials may be added.

Soup A La Royal

One Serving

Beat one egg, without separating, until well mixed; add a tablespoonful of clear stock, pour into a cup, stand the cup in a pan of boiling water and cook until the custard is "set." Turn it out of the cup, cut it into dice, put them in the soup plate or bouillon cup, fill the cup or plate with hot clear soup, and serve at once.

Clear Soup With Bread Blocks

One Serving

Cut a slice of bread into dice, put them in the oven to dry, without browning. Beat an egg, without separating, add the bread dice, and stir until each piece is thoroughly covered with egg. Heat one cupful of clear stock, add the bread blocks, boil a half minute and serve.

Portuguese Soup

One Serving

Soak six prunes in a half cupful of cold water over night; in the morning add half a pint of stock, salt and pepper; bring to boiling point and push to the back of the stove where the soup will be hot, but not boil, for at least a half hour. Press through a sieve and serve with long fingers of toasted bread.