Made by the Roman Meal Company, Duluth, Minnesota, is an excellent cure for chronic constipation. Use ordinary recipes for muffins,- gems, bannocks, substituting Roman meal for one-half the quantity of flour.


I mention saccharin simply to condemn it. If diabetic patients cannot give up sugar and starch, they alone are responsible for the consequences.. The nurse and physician should fix in the mind of the patient that his life depends on a restricted diet, and that a cure needs his cooperation. Saccharin, even in small quantities, has in my hands, sooner or later, provoked digestive troubles, and these troubles have caused as much anxiety as the first disease. Sugar has a high food value; saccharin has no food value. It in no way takes the place of sugar, nor is it condensed sugar.


A vegetable protein manufactured from hard corn, hard wheat and unpolished rice. It makes a fine tasteless flour that is easily soluble in cold water. This is used in cases of rheumatism, gout and Bright's disease. It does not, in the process of digestion, increase the excretion of uric acids.

Somatose is a predigested meat; it is highly nutritious and is usually well borne in gastric disturbances.

Beef Meal is meat partly digested by a ferment obtained from the pineapple (brofnelin). According to the analysis of Chittenden, it contains seventy-seven percent. of protein, thirteen of fat. The proteins are chiefly in the form of albumoses and peptones. The preparation is usually added to hot milk, or beef tea, or water, or in some cases, to cocoa. I find it acceptable to most patients when added to broth. To milk and cocoa it is frequently objectionable.

Dried Nuttrose

A prepared casein of milk, sold in the ordinary drug shops.