This "do as you please," and "eat what agrees with you" system has been a great barrier to human health. In this staggering mix up of our present range of things eatable, where human ingenuity constantly invents or discovers new means and methods of indulgence, a haphazard unprincipled "eat what you please" system of diet must naturally give rise to incalculably dangerous complications. To be safe, we must act sanely and deliberately - and in all the world's system of dietetics there is but one safe line of diet: the one based upon the judgment of reason, in the light of duty, and under the force of moral and physical survival-value. Well or sick, the individual should be governed by one single motive - duty and moral obligation. Without the motive of duty to life, for life's own sake, diet becomes a mere juggling with vital values - a game of chess in which the player tries to outwit his physiological limitations. His object is to win the prize without the conquest. To be really and truly well, one condition is indispensable: the absolute surrender of craving and appetite, to needs and usefulness. The individual must be governed by one single object in relation to diet: to eat for the sake of health and usefulness only, and be ready to drop any desire or appetite out of his life, the moment he realizes it as baneful to his welfare. Only on such a basis has knowledge any real practical and evolutionary value - only on our willingness and readiness to do what is right, can a knowledge of the right serve as a power and an uplift to human life. The program for an advanced evolution is ever the same; aspiration, knowledge, will - and through will, the power of execution. To will, to dare, to do, is the formula for every worthy and valuable attainment in human evolution.