The Orgone Energy Accumulator was invented by Reich in 1940 and it accumulates orgone energy from the atmosphere which we then draw off it when we use the accumulator. Its ridiculously easy to make one—it consists of layers of iron—sheet iron, or wire wool, alternating with layers of woolen blanket, plastic sheeting, etc. If you use wire wool you can enclose it in cotton sheet to keep it together. David Boadella's book on Reich -"Wilhelm Reich", The Evolution of his Work 1973, gives plans.

To get the best and most beneficial effects from an Orgone Accumulator, one should use it every day, except on very dull and overcast days. On first using an accumulator some people will experience various energy sensations almost immediately. Others may need several days usage before they experience such sensations. However, this does not matter for one gets the benefits of the accumulator whether one feels it or not. One way to experience the effects more deeply is to breathe deeply and tune into your body—in which case the effects should become more apparent.

"There is no mechanical rule as to how long one should sit in the accumulator. One should continue with the orgonotic irridation as long as one feels comfortable and 'glowing'. the sensitive person will, after a while have 'had enough'. This manifests itself in the feeling of nothing happening any longer. It is explained by the fact, that in a truly self-regulating manner, the organism will absorb only as much orgone energy as it requires.

After a certain level has been reached the sensations become unpleasant. Pressure in the head, slight nausea, ill feelings all over, and dizziness are the most common signs indicating that OVER-IRRIDATION has begun. If such is the case, one simply leaves the accumulator and take some fresh air and the symptoms of overcharge quickly vanish." - from Reich's pamphlet

As a guide for people who don't experience orgone energy sensations on first using the accumulator it is best to stop after 20 minutes. Reich's daughter Eva gives the following advice on its use.

"Use only when the atmosphere is fresh; apply promptly to all minor wounds or burns as soon as possible after accident. Put over affected part, metal side inward, without touching, for no longer than 30 minutes, or until part of the body luminates (gets warm). Irridation may be repeated several times daily, for shortened time periods. If any area of the body gets uncomfortable (overcharged), it can be discharged by soaking or immersing in water.

Use only for less than two minutes over head, eyes, and heart at any one time. Keep accumulator dry, in an airy place, such as a shed, barn, garage or entryway. All times, open windows and doors after using indoors. DO NOT USE nearby TV, nuclear radiation, fluorescent lights, x-ray machines, or luminous watches. All create DOR reactions."

DOR is a particular noxious and harmful energy produced by the interaction of orgone energy and nuclear radiation, etc., and Reich gives us clear insight into why there is no safe level of nuclear radiation. At any strength it will react harmfully and irritatingly with our very life energy.

More detailed explanations of Reich's Orgone energy theory can be found in various of his publications. His book 'The Cancer Biopathy' has two chapters (3 & 4) which lay out the evidence for the existence of orgone energy and which provide useful information on it. For instance midday is peak time to use an accumulator. Also Reich's pamphlet on the accumulator 'The Orgone Energy Accumulator, Its Scientific and Medical Use' is well worth reading if you can get a copy.

Reich's pamphlet lists the following illnesses as being suitable for orgone irridation without any danger.

"Fatigue, anaemia, cancer biopathy (with the exception of tumours of the brain and liver), acute and chronic colds, hay fever, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic ulcers, any kind of lesion, abrasion, wounds, burns, sinusitis, and some types of migraine."

Using an accumulator puts us more in touch with our bodies, promotes a healthier flow of orgone energy inside us with the resulting joy and/or distress that this brings. So, again there is need for support if you use one, but it's well worth it!

Muff type Orgone Accumulator

Muff-type Accumulator

Box type Orgone Accumulator

Box-type Accumulator (Cabinet for whole body)