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Melting Armour: Some Notes On Self-Help Reichian Therapy | by William West

These notes are mainly intended for people attending self help Reichian therapy groups but they will also be of interest to people with other growth therapy and particularly self help experience.

TitleMelting Armour: Some Notes On Self-Help Reichian Therapy
AuthorWilliam West
PublisherWilliam West
AmazonMelting Armour: Some Notes On Self-Help Reichian Therapy
book cover

By William West

"Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness." - Wilhelm Reich.

"People's troubles stem mainly from a lack of loving contact." - William West.

Note: Published on in digital format with an explicit permission from William West. The copyright remains with William West.


These ideas come from my own experience of therapy both as a therapist and as a client and from countless people I have done therapy with or discussed it with, too many to list in detail here. However, my basic approach is heavily influenced by that of Peter Jones who took the traditional Reichian client-therapist relationship and brought it into the self-help group. Also I've learnt a lot from John Southgate, particularly his theoretical insight, also from Mark and Ruth Abraham, Martin Zukor, Brian Wade, Lyn Arnold, all of whom were very positive and supportive when I first began being a therapist—also people from the defunct Cope group, a pioneering alternatives to psychiatry group, in which I first learned of growth therapy and practical Reichian work, the Manchester Reich Group which showed you don't have to live in London to get into Reich, and finally my colleagues and friends in Energy Stream (the Post Reichian Therapy Association). This new edition is typed by Chris Humberstone and illustrated by Kirsty O'Connor. I dedicate it to my clients, my two sons Clem and Simeon and to Sally Olsberg.

There is a lot of rubbish written about the life of Reich (he's that sort of person), but for a positive insight into Reich and his ideas read David Boadella's "Wilhelm Reich, the Evolution of his work" Vision Press 1973 and Myron Sharaf's "Fury on Earth" Andre Deutsch 1983.

Once again I have ignored the temptation to completely rewrite this pamphlet. Beyond correcting a few inaccuracies, odd points of grammar, (some very odd!) it remains as a vintage document standing in its own right. People curious about later developments in my work including healing can satisfy themselves(!) I hope in other pamphlets.(Details later.)

Further copies of this pamphlet are available @ 1.95 + 25p POST from William West, 1 Hawksworth Grove, Kirkstall, Leeds 5.

First Edition: 1980

Second Edition: 1984

Third Edition: 1988

© William West 1980, 1984, 1988 © Artwork Kirsty O'Connor 1988

Reichian therapy is derived from the work of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) who (re)discovered the existence of a specific life energy which he called orgone energy.
-Some Notes On Playing The Part Of Therapist/Helper In Reichian Therapy
These notes represent what I think and feel are useful guidelines to help the person acting as the helper in Reichian therapy. Some of the notes are obvious ...
-Playing The Part Of Therapist/Helper In Reichian Therapy. Part 2
In fact, handling feelings that arise between therapist and client are the key to successful therapy. These consist of both present day feelings and also the ...
-Playing The Part Of Therapist/Helper In Reichian Therapy. Part 3
A Note On The Therapy There isn't an ultimate therapy or a therapist that works best for you, though I have found that Reichian therapy for me approaches ...
-Working On The Segments
Reich's theory of the segmental nature of the armour is a basic element in Reichian therapy and understanding how our armouring works in segments and how to ...
-Working On The Segments. Continued
DIAPHRAGMATIC: The upper four segments must be loosened to some extent for diaphragm work to be useful. Repeated gag reflexes help loosen this segment. Also ...
-Verbal Work and Posture
Verbal Work Verbal work is very important especially at the start of a session to establish the relationship, as a less intense form of intervention than ...
-Character Analysis
My work with the 'alternative to psychiatry' movement in London in the mid 1970's led me to regard labelling people as not only destructive and dangerous, but ...
-Wider Implications, Genitality, Sexuality and Healing
Wider Implications The bare facts of Reich's own life indicates the wider implications of his therapy. For example his involvement with Marxism in the late ...
-Appendix A. How To Use The Orgone Energy Accumulator
The Orgone Energy Accumulator was invented by Reich in 1940 and it accumulates orgone energy from the atmosphere which we then draw off it when we use the ...
-Reading List
On the therapy Wilhelm Reich 'The Function of the Orgasm1 Souvenir Wilhelm Reich 'Character Analysis' Touchstone USA Elsworth F. Baker 'Man in the Trap' ...

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