Loss of voice may be owing to inflammatory swelling, either acute or chronic, or to ulceration of the lining membrane of the larynx to paralysis, or to hysterical affection. Coming on suddenly, accompanied with fever, pain in the larynx and upper part of the throat, increased on swallowing, with difficulty of breathing, the above symptom must be regarded with some apprehension, as one of the concomitants of a rapidly fatal disease, acute laryngitis. Loss of voice, however, frequently occurs quite unconnected with the other symptoms mentioned, and is then not to be so seriously regarded. Many persons are liable to it after exposure to night or foggy air, or after much or loud talking. Persons living in damp houses suffer from this form of aphonia, which is probably owing to the thickening or great susceptibility of the laryngeal membrane.


Belladonna for sore inflamed throat. Kali bichromicum, with much hoarseness and accumulation of stringy mucus in throat. Sanguinaria, for a catarrhal condition. Phosphorus without much soreness.