Cover thick with lather made of Castile soap. If it cracks, cover them with same and let it remain till it is healed.

Cancrum Oris is a species of mortification, affecting the cheek and gums. It occurs in children of weak, scrofulous constitution who are ill-fed and exposed to the influences of unhealthy habitations, and most generally is consequent upon acute disease, particularly measles.


The usual first symptom of the disease is a red, hard, angry-looking spot on the cheek, which quickly opens into a gangrenous ulcer inside the mouth; the gums become affected, the teeth drop out, the breath, as might be expected, is unbearably fetid, and the extending ulceration goes on destroying the cheek and contiguous parts, till it is either stopped or death ensues.


Mercurius, if much saliva. Borax, if very sore; bathe parts frequently with tincture of Myrrh, so diluted with water it will not smart.