Applied to seeds when they are without cotyledons.


Medicines against deafness (from Acoustica 89 to hear). But no internal medicines of this kind are known.


See Satyriasis, and Furor uterinus.


A Greek word for medicines against a surfeit or drunkenness, from α non, and Acraipala 90crapula.


Intemperance, (from α negative, and Acrasia 91 to mix). This word, implying wine unmixed with water, signified excess in eating, drinking, venery, etc. By Hippocrates, and some others, it signifies imbecility. By physicians, it means the predominancy of one quality above another, either with regard to artificial mixtures, or the humours of the body.


(From α negative, and Acratia 92 strength).

See Imbecillitas.


A breakfast. The derivation of this word is the same as that of acrasia, because the wine used on this occasion was not mixed with water. A breakfast among the old Greeks consisted of a morsel of bread steeped in wine.


(From Acratomeli 93 unmixed wine, and honey). See Mulsum.


(Acre 95 extreme). See Nasus.


Also Acroteria, (from Acrea 96 extreme,) the extremities, i. e. the legs, arms, nose, and ears. Coldness in the extremities, not easily removed, is a bad presage in fevers.


(From acris, sharp, and folium, a leaf). Any prickly-leaved plant.


(Acris 97 ). The top of a mountain; also the sharp extremities of fractured bones. It is also a locust, i. e. the insect so called, and which the Africans, and some others, commonly eat.

Acrissia Acritus

(α non, and Acrissia Acritus 98 judico).

It is when a distemper is in so uncertain and fluctuating a condition, that it is difficult to pass a right judgment on it. Blanchard.


(Acer, sharp, and viola, a violet). See Nasturtium Indicum.


(From Acrobystia 99 extreme, and to cover). See Acroposthia.


(From Acrociiordon 101 extreme, and a string). A name given to a sort of warts, from their hanging by a string or neck. Wiseman calls them pensile warts. See Verrucae Celsus observes, that if they are cut out, they leave no root, so do not grow again.

' Acrolenion, (Acrociiordon 103 the extremity, and the cubit). Sec Olecranon.