Eagle veins, (from Aetoiphlebes 228 an eagle, vena ). According to Ruffus Ephesius, the veins that pass through the temples to the head were thus called.


(From Aetolion 230 an eagle, so called because the grain is the colour of eagle's feathers). See Cni-dia grana.


(From Aetonychum 231 an eagle, and a claw or nail ). The claw of an eagle. See Lithospermum.


An affection, (from officio, to affect). This is expressed in Greek by Affectio 233 hence pathema, passio, and is synonymous with disease.


(From Affidra 234 to persflire). A name for ceruss, because it was thought to possess the power of promoting perspiration. See Cerussa, N° 1, under Plumbum.


(Assun,) an Arabian name of opium also of an electuary, in which opium is a part of the composition. See Opium.

Affla Tus Or Adfla Tus

(From ad, and flo, to blow). When a vapour or air strikes any other body with a certain degree of violence, or, as the country-people call it, a blast, it affects the body suddenly with a disease; it is a species of erysipelas.


(From affligo, to afflict). See Passions.


See Asphodelus luteus.


Or Affrodite, (from Affrodina 236 foam,) so named because Venus is said to have sprung from the foam of the sea. See Venus.


(From ad and/undo, to pouron). Pouring a liquor upon something; it means occasionally the same as suffusio. See Cataracta.


A kind of erysimum, or hedge mustard, from the coast of Guinea. When powdered it is used as snuff by the Africans to cure the head-ach.


(From α, negative, and Agalactia 237 milk,) a defect of milk in child-bed; hence an epithet given by Hippocrates to a lying-in woman that hath no milk.

Agallugi Agallugen

See Agallochum.


(From Agaricoides 240 and form,) a sort of fungus, like agaric.

Agaricus Auricul

E Forma. See Auricui..e Jud.e.


(From Agasylis 242 to be-wonderful). Dioscorides says, that this is the tree from whence the am-moniacum is produced, so named from its surprising good properties. See Ammoniacum.

Agathonis Antidotus Hepatica

Agathon's antidote for the liver.

R. Gentian. 3 vi. R. Enul. C. Fol. Abs. et Fol. Nard. Ind. aa 3 i m


(α, non, and Agenesia 243 generatio). See

Anaphrodisia, and Dyspermatismus.