Or Albotai. See Terebinthina.


See Terminthus.


Vel Tendinosa Tunica. The inner proper coat of the testicle, named from its white and transparent colour. It is a strong, thick, white membrane, smooth on the outward surface, rough and uneven on the inner: into the upper part of this membrane are inserted the blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics, which send branches into, and receive them from the testicle.

This coat being distended, is the cause of that pain which attends an inflammation of the testes.

Albuginea is also the name of the adnata, q. v.

Albuginosus Humor

See Oculus.

Album Balsamum

(From albam, a Chaldaean term). See Capivi balsamum. A balsam also so called is thus made: R. Aquae lythargyri acetati ad consist, mellis evaporat. et ol. rosar. Album Balsamum 308 aeq. m.


Bum Canis, graecum,' The white dung of dogs; also called spodium Graco-rum, nihil album - gryseum, cynocoprus. It is slightly stimulant and discutient, and was formerly applied to the outside of the throat in quinsies, being first mixed with honey.

Album Hispaniae Et Hispanicum

Spanish white. It is also called bianca Alexandrina. It is made from tin and bismuth, in the same manner that ceruss is made from lead, and is a cosmetic.

Album Jus

White broth. Boil whiting, haddock, cod, or any similar fish, in water, with a little oil; a small quantity of aniseed and leeks. When the fish is parboiled, add a little salt.

Album Nigrum


Album Olus

Lamb's lettuce, or corn sal-lad. See Lactuca agnina.


See Albumen ovi.


(From albus, white). The softer and paler part of wood next the bark: artificers call it the sap, to distinguish it from the heart, which is deeper coloured, and harder. See Santalum album.

Albus Liquor

See Albumen ovi.

Albus Romanus Pulvis

See Magnesia Alba

Albus, besides its well known signification to express while, is also the name of a fish. See Capito laccustris.


Or Alkahest. The universal menstruum, or dissolvent. A name first used by Paracelsus, and derived from the German words al and gest, i. e. all spirit. Van Helmont borrowed the word, and applied it to his invention, which he called the universal dissolvent.

Alcahest is also a name of the liquor of flints, and of all fixed salts volatilised.



R. Kali Alkalina 310 ss. croc. Anglic. 3 ss. rad. liquorit. rec.

Alkalina 311 ij. aq. font, bullientis lb iij. infund. per horas vi. vel vii. et cola. Vel,

R. Fol. absinth, vulg. sice. Alkalina 312 ss.kali pp. Э ij. infund. in aq. font, bullient. xij. colaturse; adde aq. juniperi ij

These are useful methods of administering the fixed alkaline salt; small doses may be given warm every three or four hours, interposing occasionally a purgative, when such medicines are required. If intermitting fevers return, this method, for a few days, is an excellent preparation for the bark.