(From Alphitidon 384 meal). It is when a bone was broken into small fragments like alphita, i. e. bran; also called caryedon; and catagma, when like a broken nut.


Greek. A hasty-pudding; in Latin, polenta; it is made of barley meal, moistened with water, wine, etc. commonly used by the soldiers.


Bals. Balm of Gilead. See Balsamum.

Alpin Aegypt

The abbreviation for Prosperus Alpinus de Plantis AEgypt.

Alp Exot

The abbreviation for Prosperus Alpinus de Plantis Exoticis.


Pl. AEG. The same author de Plantis AEgypti.


The unguis odoratus; and the murex, of the shell of which it was supposed to be a part.


A term for wormwood.

Alsimbel And Simbala

The spikenard of India, from the number of its ears or "spikes."


(From Alsine 387 a grove, because it delights in shade) It is also called morsus gallinae, centunculus; in Ehglish, chickweed and mouse-ear; cerastium vul-gatum Lin. 627; called in English from its leaves resembling the ears of mice.

It is cooling, but scarcely ever employed as a medicine. It is used to promote an appetite in linnets and Canary birds. The name also of a species of saxifraga, or the whitlow grass. See Paronychia.


(Alsiraka, evacuation. Arab). The name of a compound purging medicine in Messue; called also siracostum.


See Hermodactylus.


The abbreviation for alter and altdorf.


See Camphora.

Altercangenon Altercum

See Hy. Osciamus Niger


Alternate. Used in medicine when two different remedies are employed in turn.

Altey Plumbl

Most probably the Cerussa acetata.

Altha Naca Or Althanacha

See Auripigmentum.


An Arabian name fora swelling observed in cachectic and leucophlegmatic habits, and such as is seen under the eye-lids of those who sleep too much.


(Halthith, Arab). See Laserpitium.


Burnt copper. See AEs ustum.


Rust of copper, or flowers of copper. See AEris flos.


See Viriolum.


Or Aluech. See Stannum.

A Lcd. (Alhud, Arab).' See Agallochum.


(Arab. -vessel). A chemical subliming vessel; called also Cementerium. 'many are to be employed at once; the matter to be sublimed is put into a body or pot, the upper part is fitted into the aludel, and this aludel into another, etc.: to the top aludel a head or alembic is fixed to receive the sublimed matter.


From Alum 389 to wander; from its creeping roots). Sec Consolida.


Butter. See Adeps.

Alumboti Calcined Lead

See Minium, under Plumbum.


AE, Aq. Waters impregnated with the particles of alum. What gives efficacy to these waters is said to be an acid aluminous mineral salt, dissolving a slight mixture of iron, and united with other materials. They are supposed to be deobstruent, and beneficial to hypochondriac and cachectic patients; and not astringent, as the idea of their being solely impregnated with alum would induce us to conclude.