(From amputo, to cut off). A wound from the entire separation of a part from the body.


(From Amuctica 510 to vellicate). Remedies that by vellicating and stimulating the bronchia; raise a cough, and so contribute to the discharge of •what is in the lungs. They are given to relieve disorders of the voice, and the aspera arteria; and are also called arteriaca.


(from Amurca 517 to press out). Amorge and bysma are probably the same. It is the sediment from olive oil, found after the newly pressed oil hath deposited its gross contents.


(From Amyche 518 to scratch). A superficial exulceration, or scarification of the skin.


Stimulating, vellicating. See Amuotica.

Amygdala Tum

The emulsion of almonds.


(From Amygdaloides 522 almond, and forma,) also Cometes. Thus Oribasius calls the species of tithymalus, whichis named tithymalus masticus.

It is a name for the white species of the gum benzoin, and of a stone resembling the kernel of an almond in figure, which is the petrified spine of the echinus ma-rinus, or sea urchin. It is also a name for the gobius or gudgeon.


Persicum, (from Amygdalo 524 and the peach). The Almond peach.

Amygdalus Similis Guatimalensis

See Cacao.


Any sort of chemical faecula.

Amyli Trochisci

See Bechica


(From α, priv. and Amyon 532 a muscle). A limb so emaciated that the muscles scarcely appear.

Amyris Opobalsamum

And its variety. Bal-samea Gileadensis Wildenow, 334, vol. ii.

Amyris Gileadensis. See Balsamum.


Elemifera, Lin. Sp. Pi. Ed. Wildenow, 495. See Elemi.

Amyris Zeylonica, (gum. elemi orientalis,) Wildenow, 334.

Amyris ambrosiaca, (see Ambergrise,) Wild. 335. This species yields an odoriferous balsam from its wounded trunk or branches, a dram of which is taken in red wine, it is said, with advantage in the dysentery. The a. balsamifera Wilden. is full of aromatic particles, and the berries have the taste of balsam copaibae. It is a tree found in the island of Jamaica.


Empl. Amythaon's plaster.

Amythaonis 533 Gum ammon. cer. flav gum bdel.āā 3viij- tereb. rad. irid. illyr. gum. galb.āā3 xx. m.


Signifies of each. Thus take of aloes, frankincense, myrrh, ii or āā. (tharis, of each) Ana 534 i.

An Abases, (from Ana 535 to ascend). See Acmasticos.