Animalis Facultas

See Facultas and Actio.

Animalis motus. Animal motion.

This is the same with muscular motion, and is divided into two species sufficiently known, voluntary and involuntary. See Musculus.

Animalis spiritus. Animal spirits. See Calidum Innatum.


(From animo, to give life, to animate). Animation. The particular effect produced by the vis vitae in all animated bodies, by which life is begun and supported.


The glandules under the ears, and under the lower jaw, called lacticinia.


Et Animae Deliquium. See Lipothymia.

Animifera Arbor Brasiliana

See Courbaril.


See Anime.


(Indian,) Brasil. arbor aquaiica. The genus has not been ascertained. It seems to belong to the families of the balisiers and aroids.

The bulbous roots of the aquatic species are used for fomentations against inflations of the hypochondria. Of that species which is found in the woods, the leaves are bruised and applied as a general remedy for healing ulcers. Raii Hist. Pi.


(From Anisatum 705 aniseseed). A wine in which aniseseeds are infused.


(Frontons, the breech, and scalpo, to scratch ) See Latissimus dorsi.


So Paracelsus calls the Galenists, because he thought them ignorant of the causes and principles of things.


See Ovorum testae et calx.


(From annoto,to mark). The very beginning of a febrile paroxysm, called also the attack of the paroxysm. There is another annotatio or episma-sia, proper to hectic fevers soon after eating: in this there is no previous shivering.

Annuentes Musculi

(From annuo, to nod,) , so called, because they perform the office of nodding or bending the head downwards. See Rectus internus minor.

Annularis Cartilago is thus named from its shape, annulus, a ring. See Cricoides.

Annularis digitus. The ring-finger, or that next to the little one.

Annularis vena. The vein betwixt the ring and little finger.

Annulares ligaments, the name of those ligaments which confine the tendons of the carpus and tansus.

Annularis muscle. Sphincter ani.

Annularis process. A protuberance of the medulla oblongata,

Annitempora Constantia Vel IX-Constantia

Consistent seasons, such as keep their usual temperature. Or inconsistent seasons, when the weather is unsettled.


A Madin. Long life.


Ano 708 upwards. Anothen. The superior parts. Emetics are thus called, as purging medicines are called downwards.


(From Anocathartica 710 upwards, and purgo). Medicines which purge upwards, as emetics.

Anochei Lon

(From Anochei Lon 712 and , a lip).

The upper lip.