So called from its refreshing odour. The Portuguese corrupted.the word anima into anime.

The gum anime is also called resina anime, and courbaril rezina, aminaea, animum. By Piso the tree from whence it is obtained is called jetaiba, by the Indians courbaril. Hymenaea courbaril Lin. Sp. Pi. 537.

The gum anime is a transparent, yellowish white, resinous gum, obtained from a large tree in Brasil, New Spain, and the East. The latter Dioscorides calls by the names myrrha and minaea; but in our shops we have no other than the American kind. The small tears are the purest. It hath but little taste, though to the smell it is very agreeable. It easily breaks between the teeth; but if chewed for some time, it softens and becomes adhesive. If it is laid on a red-hot iron it immediately melts, inflames, and burns quickly away, leaving only very little white ashes.

It dissolves in sp. vini R. but is very little affected by water, except in distillation, when a part of its flavour and a small quantity of oil rise. The Brasilians are said to use it in fumigations for pains and achs from cold; for palsy and contractions. With us it is esteemed diuretic. The dose is Э i. The gum copal is often sold for it.