(From Anochus 714 to retain). A stoppage of the intestinal discharge.


(From α, neg. and Anodmox 715 a smell).

Without smell. It stands opposed to fetid.


A word used by chemists for what is separated from the nourishment by the kidneys. The Greek word Anodus 716 anodus, (from α, neg. and a tooth,) signifies toothless.


Indolence, or absence from pain. Synonymous with Anaesthesia.


Also Antipodagricum, bals. The Anodyne balsam.

Bates's anodyne balsam consists of linim. sapon. lb i. tinct. theb. Anodynum 722 iv. m. Bateman's drops are made in the same way, only with a weaker spirit, and tinctured with anisesceds.

Bals. Anodyn. Guidonis, contains tacamahacae pul-vcris terebinthinae Venet. aa, p. aeq.

A retort is filled to nearly two-thirds of its capacity, and the oil distilled with a fire gradually increased: The red oil swims on the water, and must be separated, but differs little from other empyreumatic oils. If two parts of opium and eight of soap are digested in 48 parts of spirit of wine, adding to the strained liquor four parts of camphor and one part of oil of rosemary, an excellent anodyne balsam will be obtained.

Anodynum minerale. See Nitrum, and Nitrum Stibiatum

Anodynus Fotus

Anodyne fomentation.

R. Capit. papav. contus. Anodynus Fotus 723 ij. Flor. sambuc. et flor. chamom. aa i. coq. in aq. font, ad ij. et colantur, adde acet. accerrim. vi. aq. ammonias 3 i. m. Anoe'a, Anoi'a, (from α, neg. and the mind). Stupidity. See Amentia.


Anomalous, (from α neg. and Anomala 728 equal or smooth). Unequal, irregular.


(α, non, and Anomoeos 729 like). Dissimilar or heterogene. Hippocrates uses this word for viscid or unnatural humours.anomphalos, (from α, neg. and a navel). Without a navel.


(From α, priv. and Anonis 731 to assist,) so called, because it hinders the plough; called also ononist resta, or aresta bovis, remora aratri, petty-whin, cam-mock, and rest harrow. Ononis spinosa of Linnaeus, Sp. Pl 1006.

The cortical parts of the roots have a faint smell, and a sweetish bitter taste. In a dose of 3 i they are diuretic and aperient.