A tree; defined to be a plant of the largest growth, whose trunk is perennial and single, divided into many large branches, which are again subdivided into small twigs, on which the leaves, flowers, and fruit are produced. Arbor aquatica Brasiliensis, see Aninga; Arbor camphorifera, see Laurus.

Arbor farinifera. See Palma Japonica.

Arbor febrifuga Peruviana. See Cortex Peruvianus.

A rbor Incana Siliquis torosis. See Cajax.

Arbor Indica fructu conoide, etc. See Ana-cardium.

Arbor jucadice. See Cassia lignea; Canella alba.

Arbor lanigera spinosa. See Bombax.

Arbor malabarica lactescens, etc. See Co-xessi.

Arbor mexicana. See Orleana.

Arbor nucifera. Seeandira.

Arbor St. Thomae. See Mandara.

Arbor spinosa. See Lycium.

Arbor spinosa Indica, Etc. See Bonduch Indorum.

Arbor pomifera, and prunifera Indica. See Acajaiba.

Arbor vinifera couton- juglandi similis. See Couton.

Arbor Dianea. Silver precipitated by the superior affinity of some other metal in an arborescent form. Lead and tin produce similar appearances, and are styled arbor plumbi, and arbor stanni; but the method of forming these trees has no relation to medicine.