The anus. Also the intestinum rectum.


(From Archoptoma 1150 anus, and to fall down). A bearing down of the rectum. Vogel.

Arcion Arcium

See Bardana.


See AEs ustum.

Arctata Pars

So Scribonius Largus calls a part compressed or closed by a fibula.


Vel Arctitudo, (from arcto, to make narrow). It is when the intestines are constipated from an inflammation or spasm. Also a preternatural straitness of the pudendum muliebre.


(From Arction 1152 a bear,) so called from its roughness. See Bardana Arcticum.

Arcticum Lappa Vel Arctium Major

See Bardana major.


(From Arctoscordon 1153 a bear, and garlic ). Bear garlic.


(From Arctostaphylos 1155 a bear, and a berry, because wild bears feed upon them). Spanish wortles.


(From arcto, to straiten). Inflammation of the finger or the toe from a curvature of the nail. Linnaeus.

Arcua Lia

Vel Nervalia Ossa, (from ar-cus, a bow, and nervus, a nerve,) because they have the form of a bow, and afford a passage for the nerves. The sinciput; according to others the temple boxes.

Arcualis Sutura

Sec Coronalis sutura.


A gibbosity of the fore parts, with a curvation of the bone of the sternum, of the tibia, or dorsal vertebrae.

Arcua Tus Morbus

So called, (from arcus, a bow,) either because the colour of the eyes is like a rainbow, or because of the rainbow like arch which is under the eye lids in the jaundice. See Icterus.


(A dim. of area, a chest). The orbits of the eyes.


(From Ardas 1157 to defile). Sordes, filth.

Ardente's Papulae

See Ecbrasmata.

Ardesia Hiberntca

See Hibermcus lapis.


A very intense acute heat raised in our bodies.

Ardor urinae. See Dysuria.

Ardor ventriculi. See Caudialgia.


See Alopecia.


See Cinnabaris.


Sand or gravel in the kidneys.

Arena litoralis, Arena maris marina. Sea sand.

It is heated in bags, and applied to parts that are pained. Hydropic people are also sweated by being covered with hot sand; and sailors cured of the scurvy by burying them to the neck in the sand of hot countries. See Balneum.


(From arena, sand,) so called, because it is procured from sandy places. See Bolus armena.'


Or Saburratio. It is the casting of hot sand on the bodies of patients.


(From areo, to dry up.) A sort of cupping glasses used by the ancients.


(A dim. of area, a void plate,) called also halo, is a circle which surrounds the nipple on the breasts: in virgins, it is little and red; in pregnant women it is larger and more brown.