(From Asclepius, its inventor; called also hirundinaria, contrayerva Germanorum, vincetoxicum). Tame Poison, Silken Cicily, and White Swallow wort. A. vincetoscicum Lin. Sp. Pi. 314.

It resembles the apocynum, or dog's bane; and like it yields a milky juice.

The roots, when fresh gathered, smell like the root of valerian, but lose their odour by drying: chewed, they are sweetish at the first, then bitterish. In doses from Э i. to 3 i. it is sudorific and diuretic. In these characters it hath been so commonly used by the Ger-mans as to have obtained the name of contrayera Germanorum.

It is said to be useful as an emmenagogue; and has been employed, though with little success, in dropsy: from its connection with many poisonous plants, it is, however, suspicious, and to be used with caution.

Asclepias asthmatica, Lin. Supplem. 171. Wil-denow, Sp. Pi. v. i. p. 1270. This is a plant from the island of Ceylon, and is slightly emetic and cathartic. Its chief use, as the name indicates, is in pituilous asthmas, and is given in decoction or syrup.