See Fraxinus.

Ash, mountain. See Sorbus.

Ash, poisonous. See Rhus.

Ash, bitter. See Quassia.


Bals. The balm of Gilead. See Bai.samum.


See AErugo AEris. . Asimion. An ingredient mentioned by Myrep-sus, but not known.


See AErugo,AEris.


(From α, neg. and Asinus 1260 hurtful). The ass. Its milk is in much esteem as a medicine. See Lac.

Asiti Asitia

(From α, non. and Asiti Asitia 1261 food).

Those are so called who take no food for want of an appetite. See Anorexia.


(Indian). A tree growing in Malabar and the East Indies, whose juice is used against the colic Raii Hist.


See AErugo AEris.


Ischuria. A suppression of urine from the urethra being imperforated. See Ischuria.


(From α, priv. and Asealathum 1262 to draw out,) called also agallochum. Calambac wood. It is brought from the East Indies; it is of a bituminous and fatty kind, or resinous, and of a bitter taste. It is sold very often for the agallochum, having similar virtues, and is probably the same. See Agallochum.


The young shoots, or first tender sprouts of an herb from the ground, before any leaves unfold themselves.

Asparagu's Sparagus

Sperage, and spar-roiv grass. .Asparagus officinalis Lin. Sp. Pi. 448.

It is a perennial plant, chiefly used as aliment; in the spring a number of shoots appear, the tops of which are named turiones, and these only are eaten. It grows wild in Cornwall and some other parts of England.

Though confined to the kitchen, it affords very little nourishment; a decoction of the roots is diuretic, but strong infusion of them is preferred. If imparts a fetid smell to the urine, which is corrected by an acid.


The name of a constrictive medicine for the pudenda muliebria, consisting of wool moistened with an infusion of galls.


Ta. See Asperum.

Asperatum Specillum

(From asper,rough, and specio, to examine). See Blepharoxystum.


(From asper, rough ). See Asperula.


(From aspergo, to sprinkle). Sprinkling. See Cataplasma.

Asperugo Asperula

Called also aspergula, aparine latifolia, hepatica stellata, matrisylva Germa-nica, rubeola montana odora; woodrow, and wood-roof, Asperula odorata Lin. Sp. Pi. 150.

It is a low umbelliferous plant, whose taste is.a little austere. It imparts its flavour to vinous liquors, and is commended as a cordial and deobstruent. It is also a a name for asperine: Rubia synanchica.


Asprum,asperatum espretudo,(from asper). Rough. An epithet applied to bodies with uneven surfaces. Galen observes, that every rough body is uneven, but every uneven body is not rough; and that roughness is occasioned by too great dryness, or from acrimony.


A name of the first vertebra of the loins. See Castelli Lexicon.