Assis Asserac

The Aegyptian name for bang, which see, and also cannabis.


(From ad,and sisto, to stand near). A name for the prostate glands, because they lie near the bladder. See Parastatae.


See Mandaru.

Assius Lapis

Called also asius and azius lapis, Assian stone. These stones receive their name from A Assius Lapis 1272 a city of Troas, in the Lesser Asia, wherethey are found. They are of a tophous, soft, friable, and loose substance, with a powdery matter growing on. them like meal, such as is seen on the walls of mills ; it is called the flour of the Assian rock, and is seemingly an aluminous efflorescence. This flour consumes loose spongy flesh; hence called sancophagus carnivorous: the stone possesseth the same virtue in a less degree.

Assodes Asodes

(From assare,to burn). A continual fever, with a moderate heat externally, but inwardly much greater, insatiable thirst; perpetual tossing, nausea, loathing of food, watching, and raving. It is called by Sauvages tritaephya assodes ; and is also arranged by Cullen under tertian remittents. An account of fevers of this kind may be found in Huxham de Aere, lib. i. p. 97. Lancisius de Noxiis Paladum Effluvus; and Morgagni Epist. 49. 14. Sec Fever.


See Alumen.


From α, pleonasm, and Astaphis 1274 uva passa; which see.


The name of an ointment, and of a mixture, which were used by Paracelsus. The first consisted of litharge, house leek juice, etc. The second, of camphor and rose water.


So Paracelsus names a malignant gangrenous ulcer, which spreads from the feet upwards. Some call it araneus.


An ancient medicine against defluxions or rheumatic pains.

Aster, (from Aster 1275 a star, from the likeness of its flower). Starwort.

Aster. Omnium maximum. See Enula.

Aster atticus. Hyophthalmos. See Eryncium.

Aster Palustris parvo flore globoso. Small Pleabane. See Conyza.

A ster peruanus. Potatoes. See Battatas Canadensis.

Aster thalassius, is named Stella marina. Sea star. A certain zoophyte or insect of the family of the vermes echinodermes. Hippocrates hath recommended it with brassica and sweet scented wine, against what is called the ascent of the uterus and hysteric pains; but it is wholly useless.


(From Asterias 1276 a star). Star stone.

Telesia asterias of Hauy. Is a fossil gem, very hard, resembling half a globe, extremely full of black radiated appearances, resembling stars; from whence its name. In medicine it was considered as a charm against marks of the mother.


See Gentiana.


(From α, non. and Asthenta 1277 robur). Extreme debility.

Astheni'a ab Hydrocephalo. Apoplexia hydro-cephalica. See Apoplexia.

Asthenia panonica. See Amphimerina Hun-garica.

Asthenia. General weakness, sometimes from excessive evacuations, but generally connected with visceral obstructions. In these cases it is attended with fever. If without fever, bark and other tonics are useful.