Ol.(from Balaninum 1349 an acorn). Oil of the Ben nut.


(From Balanocastanum 1350 a nut,and a chesnut). See Bulbocastanum.


(From Balanos 1352 to cast, because it sheds its fruit upon the ground; or from the Hebrew term, balon, proceeding from the oak). See Quercus, Suppositorium, Pessarium, Penis glans and Adip-sos. Theophrastus uses it sometimes to express any glandiferous tree. From the similitude of form, this word is used to express suppositories and pessaries.


Waters of, in France, are warm, about 128- of Fahrenheit; chiefly saline and purgative, without iron or sulphur.


(From Balbuties 1356 to stammer). A defect of speech, properly that sort of stammering, where the patient sometimes hesitates, and immediately after speaks precipitately; the pse/lismus balbutiens of Dr. Cullen.


See Bdellium.


See Alopecia. It is said that women and eunuchs are scarcely ever bald; and that in the parts from whence the hair falls, the brain retracts from the skull. The temples first lose their hair; then the vertex. Bald head was in the eastern regions a term of reproach; probably implying early excess, to which it has been attributed.


A glass receiver, often with two necks to join another ballon.


Mucca-Pira. See Momordica.


Os. The astragalus, because the ancient-, used to cast it from their slings, (from, Ballfstae 1357 to cast). See Astragalus.


(From Ballote 1358 to send forth, and the genitive of the ear,) because it sends forth flowers like ears. Called also marrubium nigrum faeti-dum-f ballota nigra Lin. Sp. Pi. 814, and black stinking horehound. It grows in paths, high-ways, and hedges, flowering in July. A strong decoction of it, freely taken, is of great efficacy against hysteric affections.


Martial. A mixture of two parts of cream of tartar and one of filings of iron made into a ball, which, when given, is infused in water till it imparts some colour to it.

Balls, Mercurial. An amalgam of mercury and tin, boiled in water to purify it and destroy animalcules.


(From balsamum, balsam,) because balsams were used in that operation. The embalming of Dead Bodies.


(From the same). See Abies.


(From Balsamelaeon 1363 balsam, and oil). See Balsamum.


(From the same). See Momor-dica.