(Indian). An Indian evergreen plant. The seeds purge moderately, but the leaves roughly. Raii Hist.

Beloides Belonopdes

(From Beloides Belonopdes 1413 a dart, and forma J. See Belemnoides.


A bandage applied round the body. Mercury is used externally, by covering the internal part with its calx prepared by trituration; and some other medicines have been employed in the same manner.

Beluga Stone

A morbid concretion from the beluga fish, delphinus leucas of Pennant. The Asiatics near the Volga suppose it useful in many complaints, and think it promotes delivery.


(From Belulcum 1415 an arrow, or dart, and to draw out ). An instrument for extracting darts or arrows.


See Antidotum.

Belzuar Minerale

See Bezoar fossile.

Bem Tamara

(From the Arabic term, behen-tamara). The Egyptian bean. See Faba AEgyp-tia.


The Arabic name for small pustules which arise in the night after sweating.

Benedicta Aqua

A former appellation of the aqua calcis simplex; the name of a water distilled from serpyllum; and in Schroeder of an emetic.

Benedicta aqua composita; i. e. Aq. calcis. composita. See Calx.

Benedicta herba. The herb bennet. See Carophyllata.

Benedicta laxativa. A compound of turbeth. scammony, and spurges, with some warm aromatics. Benedictum Lignum. See Guaiacum. Benedictum oleum. See Lateritium oleum. Benedictum vinum. See Antimoniale vinum.

Benedictum laxativum. Rhubarb, and sometimes the lenitive electuary.

Benedictus Lapis

See Adamus.

Benedictus, (from benedico, to bless). A specific term affixed to many herbs and compositions, on account of their good qualities.

Bengalle Indorum

From Bengal, its native place. See Cassumunar.


A fruit which grows in the bay of St. Augustine: it is of the size of a lemon, red without, and grateful to the stomach. Raii Hist.

Benivi Arbor Benivifera Benjamin Benjui

Benzo'e, Benzoifera, and Benzoin. See Benzoinum.


See Bistorta.


The name of an ointment mentioned in AEtius.


(From the city of Berenice, from whence it was brought). See Succinum.

Berens Secum

See Artemisia.


A corruption of the Tuscan language from praecocca, which see; and also Armenaca Mala.

Bermudenses Baccae

(From Bermudas'). See Saponariae nuculae.


An electuary mentioned by Prosper Alpinus in his work De Medicina AEgyptiorum. It is prepared in India; its composition is unknown; but very extraordinary effects are attributed to it.

Bernhardi Testiculus

See Asphodelus Luteus.

Bernhardi eremita. See Cancellus.


See Colophonia and Juniperi gum.


A sort of electuary used by the Egyptians to promote gaiety; it contains opium, and creates a temporary delirium.


See Becabunga.

Berula Gallica. See Sium angustifolium.