A small fish, mentioned by Hippobolbiton. Bolynthon. Cow's dung.


See Bdellium.


See Corallium.


See Balsamum.


See Boulimos.


A soft pillow, to be laid under a broken limb, or a gouty joint.


See Bolbiton.


(From bombyx). Salt formed by the union of the bombic acid with different bases.

Bombicum Acidum

Bombic acid. Acid of silk worms. Silk worms contain, in every state, an acid liquor, in a reservoir placed near the anus; but at the more advanced periods of their growth it is mixed with a gummy matter. It is obtained by expressing their juice in a cloth, and precipitating the mucilage by spirit of wine, or by infusing the chrysalides in that liquor. This acid is very penetrating, of a yellow amber colour; but its nature and combinations are yet not well known. It has never yet been employed in medicine.


(From Bombus 1456 to sound like a drum). A resounding noise, from flatulencies rolling in different cavities. If a sound of this sort, or a ringing, is perceived in the ears in acute diseases, it is a dangerous symptom. It also means a noise in the bowels from flatus.


(From Bombyx 1457 to resound). So called from the noise it makes in spinning its web. The silk worm.- They are of no medical use; but it is said that if their bags are burnt they yield a larger quantity of volatile salt than any other animal substance, and consequently may be superior to burnt sponge.


See Coliphium.

Bon Arbor

See Coffea.


The kidney bean. Sec Phaseolus.

Bonduch Indorum

(Indian.) Called also bonduch cinerea, bonduch pianta Indiano, arbor spinosa Indica muricatis siliquis, lobus echinatus, acacia g/o-riosa marsus. Guillandina bonduc Lin. Sp. Pi. Wilde-now, 534. Molucca nuts, and bezoar nuts.

The plant runs up to five or six feet in height; it is a native of both the Indies. The round beans only are of use, which are of an ash colour on the outside, and white within. They are warm, bitter, and carminative.

Ray mentions another species, which he calls bonduch, Indorum siliqua minime spinosa.

Bon Sep

An abbreviation of Bonetus Sepul-chretum.

Caries Exostosis Osteo

Sarcoma; including Spina ventosa and paedarthrocace, rickets. fragility of the bones; injury from ruptured ligaments, dropsy in, and Wounds of, the joints, white swelling of the joints, anchylosis, distortion, mollifies, scrofula.

Sec Haver's Osteolography, Monro on the Bones, Cheselden's Osteology. Memoires de Pelletier, vol. ii. Proust (Journal de Physique, 1. c), Hatchet, Phil. Trans. 4799, 1800.


(From bonum,good, and facio, to do,) from its utility to the human frame. See Laurus Alexandria and Hippoglqssum.

Bononiensis Lapis

The Bononian stone.

Called also phosphorus Bononiensis, spongia solis, lucidus lapis, illumina bilis lapis, phosphorus Kircheri; the