See Satyriasis, and Furor ute-rinus.


(From Brachychronius 1485 short, and time). An epithet of a disease which continues but a short time.


(From Brachypnoea 1487 short, and to breathe). Breath fetched at short intervals.


(From Brachypotae 1489 small or short, and drink). Little drinkers. To drink but little in ardent fevers is a sign of insensibility, and consequently bad.


(From Brachys 1491 short). Sec Brevis.


See AEs.


(From Bradypepsia 1492 slow, and digero). Weak digestion, or concoction of food. Blan-card says, it is a slow digestion, proceeding from a depraved disposition of the acid ferment in the stomach. Its causes are various, but there is little reason for admitting that just mentioned. In general it arises from weakness. See Dyspepsia.


See Hydromeli.


The husk of wheat separated by sieves. It contains a gluten like that of animal substances, and has been used as a pectoral, a demulcent, and a detergent. It is chiefly useful in the two former views used in decoction.


An Italian word signifying foot; hence a species of acanthus is called branca ursina, bear's foot, from the resemblance of its leaves to the foot of a bear.

Branca leonis, or Pes leonis. See Alchimilla.

Branca ursina. See Acanthus.

Branca ursina Germanica. See Pastinaca.

Branchae Branchi

(From Branchae Branchi 1494 to make moist). Names of the diseases of the glandular tumours of the fauces, which resemble two almonds; accompanied with a difficulty of spitting and troublesome breathing.


(From the same). A defluxion of humours upon the fauces.. It is a species of catarrh, which Coelius Aurelianus calls raucitas.


It is a spirit distilled from wine, or, more often, from the mock after the wine has been pressed out. In Spain it is often produced from the plum; and in England it is imitated by giving to any spirit a yellow colour by burnt sugar, and a flavour by laurel leaves. In medical powers it agrees with alcohol. The various methods of trying the strength of brandies are fallacious, and the hydrometer in its most improved state is the only certain method of ascertaining it. See Annates de Chimie, vol. xxxvii.


Produced in Brasil. See Brasilium Lignum.

Brasiliana Arbor Aqua Tica

See Brasjliensis Arbor Siliquosa, &C Courbaril.

Brasiljensis radix. See Ipecacuanha radix.