Hemp, or seed bearing hemp; cannabis saliva Lin. Sp. Pi. 1452. It is a tall annual herb with digitated leaves, cultivated in the fields on account of the mechanic uses of its tough rind. Some of the plants, called male, produce flowers composed of yellowish stamina set in five leaved cups; others, railed female, produce seeds moderately large, covered with;a shining dark grey coloured shell, under which is lodged a white kernel.

This plant hath a rank smell of the narcotic kind, which is supposed to injure the health; the effluvia of the fresh herb are said to weaken the eyes and affect the head; and the water in which the herb hath been steeped, for facilitating the separation of the tough rind, is thought to be a violent and sudden poison. Both in smell and taste it is highly deleterious.

The leaves of an oriental hemp, called bang or hangue, and by the Egyptians assis, are said to be used in the eastern countries as a narcotic and aphrodisiac. Sec Bangui:.

The faint smell of the seeds goes off in keeping; their taste is unctuous and sweetish, accompanied with a slight warmth. On expression, they yield much insipid oil, which unites with water by trituration into an emulsion. Decoctions of them in milk are commended in coughs, heat of urine, and in all cases where the mucus has been abraded: their use, in general, depends on their emollient and demulcent qualities. Miller's Bot. Off.

Cannabis indica peregrina. See Ban-cue and Canabis.