See Cevadilla.

Causticum commune fortu's. Ph. Lond.

The common stronger caustic of the London college, called now calx cum kali, is made by adding five pounds four ounces of quick lime, to water of pure kali, sixteen pounds. The water of pure kali is reduced by boiling to a fourth part; and the lime reduced to a powder by the affusion of water gradually added. It must be kept in a vessel close stopped. For the mode of application see Escharotica.

Causticum lunare. See Argentum.

Causticum opiatum. Opiated caustic.

Causticum Americanum 1875 Calcis cum kali puro 3 ij. opii pulverisati 3 ss. saponis mollis q. s. commisceantur calx cum kali puro, et opium, et in pastam cum sapone molli formentur. This is used in the radical cure of an hydrocele, by forming, of adhesive plaster spread on leather of several thicknesses, a circular aperture adapted to the lower and anterior part of the tumour, in which the paste is introduced. This is to continue for about eight hours, about which time it will, without much pains, penetrate down to the tunica vaginalis. Afterwards apply poultices till the eschar sloughs: then the water is evacuated, and the cure completed. This is Mr. Else's mode at St. Thomas's Hospital.