Ceratum Lithargyri Acetati

See Lythargyrum.

Ceratum saponis. See Sapo.

Ceratum cantharides, et hydrargyri. Cerate of Spanish fly. See Cantharides, and argentum vivum.


Chrysos, (from Cerauno 1943 thunder, and aurum; so called from the violence of its explosion when heated). See Aurum fulminans, under Aurum.

Cerberus Triceps

A powder composed of three capital active ingredients. See Scammonii pulv. composit. under Scammonium.


And Cerchnon, (from Cerchnos 1945 to wheeze). See Rhenchos.


(From the same). See Dasys.


(From Cercis 1946 a pestle for a mortar, or spoke for a wheel). See Siliquastrum and Radius.


Cercosis 1947 (from a tail). A disease of the clitoris, when it is enlarged and hangs like a tail from the vagina. See Clitoris.


(From cera, wax ). See Cerumen auris.


A corruption of Chaerophyllum See Coelifolium, and Chaerefolium.

Cerefolium hispanicum. See Myrrhis.

Cerefolium Sylvestre

See Chaerophyllum Syl-vestre.


E CM, (from Cerel 1950 , wax, and oleum).

See Ceratum et Oleum cerae, under Cera.

Cerevisia Amara

And Antiscorbuti-ca, (from Cere*,) as all ales are made of corn. See Alla.

Cerevisiae cataplasma. Into the grounds of strong beer stir as much oat meal as will make it of a suitable consistence. This is sometimes employed as a stimulant, and antiseptic to mortified parts.


Or Cerle,(from cereus, soft taper). See Taenle.


Cerion 1952 a honey comb, (from wax).

See Achor.


Or Cerritus, (from Ceres,) the disease arising from malt liquors.


(From cernuo, to fall with the face downwards). In botany it means bent downwards, drooping, hanging down its head.


Et Ceronium. See Ceratum.


(From Ceropissus 1954 wax, and pitch).

Also called dropax, dropacismus. A plaster of pitch and wax. It was usual to spread it on cloth or leather, and to apply it to some part of the body, then to pull it off again and apply it afresh, frequently renewing the application and removal, to induce a redness on the part and attract the fluids which nourish it. To render this plaster the more efficacious, acrimonious powders were added to it. This dropax was also used to make hair fall off, or to pull it off from any part. But the ingredients for the dropaces were pitch, oil, bitumen,galbanum, and other stimulants.