(From convalesco, to grow well). This state implies a recovery from disease, when nature, with little assistance, is supposed capable of restoring health. In all acute diseases, considerable attention is, however, requisite, to prevent a relapse. On recovery from fever, the appetite often returns before the powers of digestion, and, of course, cannot be always safely indulged. In recovery from other diseases, the principal complaints should be cautiously kept in view. Thus, after peripneumony, the expectoration should be anxiously kept up; after enteritis, the constant action of the bowels; after affections of the head, the utmost tranquillity of the body and mind preserved. In short, convalescence requires, in almost every situation, care equally unremitted with that which the continuance of disease demanded.


(From convallis, a valley ). See

Lllium Convallium.

Convallaria, polygonatum. See polygonatum.


(From convolvo, to roll round). In botany it means rolled up, like a scroll of paper.

Convoluta Superiora Et Inferiora Ossa

(From convolvo, to roll round). See Conchae narium superiores, and inferiores.


(From Conyza 2361 dust; because the powder is sprinkled to kill fleas in places where they are troublesome). Flea-bane. The leaves of this plant are commonly glutinous and strong scented, the cup of the flower generally scaly, and of a cylindrical form. The flowers consist of many florets, which are succeeded by seeds covered with a downy substance.

Conyza AEthiopica. See Elichrysum.

Conyza major vulgaris. Mas Theophrasti, conyza major Diosc. Greater flea-bane. See Bacchar.

Conyza minor flore globoso, pulicaria, conyza minima, et media. Small flea-bane. See Inula Dysenterica.

The chief use of all the flea-banes is to destroy fleas and gnats by burning.


(From the same,) i. e. cartilago thyroidea; called also abicum. See Aspera arteria.


See Diaphragma.


See Balsamum.

Copaibae Injectio

Copaibae Injectio 2364 Bals. copaibae 3 ij.

mucilaginis g. Arab. Copaibae Injectio 2365 ss. aquae calcis ss. m. properin gleets, in the latter stage of the gonorrhoea, and in the fluor albus.

Copaibae cum olibano mistura, consists of two drachms of powdered olibanum, mixed with half an ounce of the balsam, with which half an ounce of mucilage of gum arabic, and twice the quantity of honey, are incorporated. Five ounces of cinnamon water are gradually added. In the dose of an ounce, or an ounce and a half, this mixture will be useful in humoral asthmas, in leucorrhoea and gleets.

Copeia Cope

Lea Americanorum, and Copelga. The name of a tree in Hispaniola, in America, whose leaf serves for paper, and of which the Spaniards there make cards. This tree affords a bituminous matter resembling pitch. Raii Hist.