A hood; called also cucullus, birethus, and pileus. An odoriferous cap for the head. It is made like what is called the skull cap, for children, of either silk or linen; double, containing between its folds cephalic aromatic drugs, in powder; sometimes they are mixed with cotton, to keep them equally dispersed; sprinkled with some suitable essential oil, with spirit, or vinegar. When applied to half of the skull, or a particular part, it is called a semicucupha. The ingredients should be renewed when their virtue is exhausted. Indeed all the virtues these caps possess will soon be lost, for the aromatics can be of little use. The double cap may possess some virtue; and, as in the oriental tale of medicines, concealed in the racket, the adventitious circumstances may be truly salutary The proportions of the species usually recommended are, of roots, an ounce; of leaves, two or three handfuls; of flowers, two or three pugils; of gums, one or two drachms; of powders, one ounce: the whole rarely exceeds four ounces. See Epithema.