(From the same,) Sweetening with sugar or honey; but, in chemistry, it is the rendering preparations mild, by repeated affusions of water, to separate the acids and salts, or by different combinations to sheath their acrimony. See Calcinatio by detonation.


(From effervesco, to grow hot). Effervescence. It signifies a slight degree of ebullition in liquors exposed to the necessary degree of heat. The chemists apply it to the ebullition excited by mixing an acid and alkali. It is occasionally confounded with fermentation; but fermentation is now limited to that commotion in vegetable juices which produces a vinous or an acetous liquor, and those ebullitions that are produced by the mixture of bodies are called effervescences.


See Lenticulae.


Or Efflorescentia, (from effloresco, to blow as a flower). See Exanthema.


(From effluo, to flow out). Minute particles which exhale from bodies. By these effluvia from morbid bodies, contagion is propagated. See Contagio.


(From e, and faetus, without an embryo). Barren, childless; and figuratively, any thing so de-caved as to have lost its virtue.


(From effringo, to break). A species of fracture of the cranium when the bone is broken and much depressed by a blow.


Synonymous with extravasation; fluids passing into the cellular membrane, generally from rupture of the vessels, though sometimes from debility and relaxation of the exhalants.


Excretion; a term generally used with respect to evacuations by stool.


And Ejaculatoria Va'-sa, (from ejaculo, to cast out). The vessels which convey the seminal matter secreted in the testicles to the penis. These are the epididymis,and the dtferentia vasa: the vesiculae seminales are the receptacles to the semen. 4 G


(From Eilamides 3204 to involve). See Dura M Ater.


(From Eilema 3205 to involve,) painful Convolutions of the intestines, from flatulence. (Hippo-crates.) Sometimes it signifies a covering, and, according to Vogel, a fixed local pain in the intestines resembling a nail.


(From Eileon 3206 to wind). See Ileum intestinum.


(From the same). See Iliac a passio. Elsbole, (from Eileos 3207 into, and to cast). An injection; but the term is used to express the access of a distemper, or of a particular paroxysm.

Elspnoe, (from Eileos 3209 to, and 'to breathe). See



CalLI. Euphorbia nerufolia Lin. Sp. Pi. 648. All East Indian shrub, whose juice is an excellent cathartic in dropsies. Raii Hist.