(From Elaeagnus 3211 oil, and chaste).

See Myrtus Brabantica, and Oleaster.


(From Elaeomeli 3213 oil, and honey). In

Syria this oil is prepared from the buds or the trunk of a certain tree unknown to naturalists, but probably a species of fraxinus: it is sweet, thicker than honey, and of a purging quality. Dios. lib. i. c. 37.


(From Elaphopila 3220 a stag, and pilus, hair). See Cervus.


A serpent, whose bite produces a disorlikc the iliac passion. Elas Maris. See Plumbum ustum. Elasis, and Elater, (from Elaps 3221 to impel).

See Elasticitas.


(From the same). A lamina or plate of any kind; though used to express a clyster pipe. See Enema.

Elasticitas Elasis Elater

Elasticity, (from the same). It is the property in bodies by which they restore themselves spontaneously to the figure and dimensions which they had lost by pressure or extension.


The vagina, which incloses the flowers and rudiments of the great palm tree. Elatb-theleia. See Abies. Elaterii Cort. See Thuris cortex. Elaterium; a word often used by Hippocrates to express an internal application of a digestive or a detergent nature. The inspissated juice of the wild cucumber. See Cucumis agrestis. Elatheria, See Thuris cortex. Elatine, (from Elate 3222 as the smaller species).

Antirrhinum elatine Lin. Sp. Pi. 851. The leaves of this plant arc rough and bitter to the taste; and were formerly recommended internally as an antiscorbutic, and applied externally to heal old ulcers.

Elatinvm Oleum

The name of an oil in Dioscorides.


See Catagma.


(From Elcosis 3223 an ulcer). Numerous, or large chronic ulcers, carious, fetid, and attended with a slow fever.


(From eligo, to choose'). Election; that part of pharmacy which consists in a knowledge of the materia medica, and directs the choice of drugs, distinguishing the good from the bad.


(From Electrodes 3226 amber, and likeness). An epithet for stools which shine like amber. Electrum, (from to draw, because of its attractive power. Amber. (See Succinum.) It is also a mixture of gold with a fifth part silver.

Electrum minerale; a mass of tin and copper, with double its quantity of martial regulus of antimony, melted together. This mass, powdered and detonated with nitre and charcoal, powdered again while hot, and then digested in spirit of wine, produces a tincture of a fine red colour, accounted a deobstruent. Electuarium e Senna. See Senna. Elegma, (from Electrodes 3229 to lick). See Linctus.