(From cmasculo, to castrate). See Malazissatus.


Vel Bamma, (from Embamma 3261 to immerge, or dip,) apobamma. A sauce or pickle to dip victuals in. Mustard is a kind of embamma. It sometimes means a slight tincture, and is applied to water in which hot iron hath been quenched.


A cruet for containing embam-mas.


(From Embasis 3262 and logo). See Dexamene.

E'.Mbleg. See Myrobalani emblici.


(From Embole 3264 to put in). The reduction or setting of a dislocated bone. See Luxatio.


See Aneurisma.


A funnel conveying fumes into any part of the body.

Embregma Embrocatio

(From Embregma Embrocatio 3265 to moisten, sprinkle, or soak in). Embrocation, em-pluvium, embroche, and cataclysmus. It is an external fluid application, usually prepared of volatile and spirituous ingredients, and mostly used to relieve pains, numbness, or palsies. See Lotio.


(From Embroche 3266 to make wet). See

Embrocatio, and Fotus.


(From Embrontetos 3267 thunder,) thunderstruck. See Apoplectici.


An embrio, (from Embryo 3268 in, and , to bud). A child in the womb; but Hippocrates confines the term to the child in its third stage, that is, before it is complete. See Conceptio.

Galen remarks that the Greeks did not call the foetus under two months old by the name of embryon, but named it cuema; but others styled it embryon during the whole time of its being in the womb. Homer applies the term embryon to the foetus of brutes, and Theophrastus to the seeds of plants; and they are followed by all the moderns.

Embryonum Balsamum Vel Spt

It is a prescription of Bates; but in point of excellency is exceeded by a mixture of the spirituous aniseseed water and simple cinnamon water, in equal parts.


(From Embryothlastes 3270 a faetus, and to break). An instrument to break the bones of a foetus, in order to its more easy delivery; or a crotchet for extracting a foetus. See Embryulcia.


Embriotomy, from Embryotomia 3272 afaetus, and to cut). It is the division of the child while in the womb, in order to its easier delivery.


(From Embryulcus 3274 a faetus, and to draw). The instrument required for artificial delivery, or embryulcia.