(From ensis, a sword). In botany it means shaped like a sword.

Ensiformis Cartilago

(From ensis, a sword, and forma, a form). The sword like cartilage, called also xiphoides; mucronatum os, or mucro-nata cartilago; by Hippocrates, chondros; and when bifurcated,furcula or furcella inferior. It is the cartilage at the bottom of the sternum; but the ancients often give the name of ensiformis to the whole breast bone. Dr. Hunter observes, that "if this cartilage be forced inwardly by a blow, it will occasion vomiting and violent pains, by pressing against the pylorus : in this case it would be proper to lay it bare and elevate it; but the diaphragm arising partly from it would probably replace it."from the form, or from accidents in this cartilage, many diseases arise; as a cough, pain in stooping, and difficult breathing. These symptoms are accounted for, when we consider that the diaphragm is attached to it, and that the great lobe of the liver and the stomach lie immediately under it.


(From Enstacton 3416 and to distil). Instillation. The name of a liquid collyrium in Galen, which AEgineta calls stacticon.


Fossil alum. See Vas.

Entatica Medicamenta

(From Entatica Medicamenta 3418 to strain). Medicines that provoke venery. Coelius Au-relianus calls them satyrica.


The name of a plaster in P. .AEgi-neta.


(From Entera 3419 within,) the bags in which were inclosed medicines for fomentation. Hippocrates.


(From Enteradenes 3420 an intestine, and a gland). The intestinal glands. See Intes-tina.


(From Enterenchytae 3422 the intestines, and to infuse). Instruments for administering clysters.


(From Enteritis 3424 intestines). See lnflammatio intestinorum.

Enteritis mesenterica, (from the same, and Enteritis 3425 mesentery). See Inflammatio mesenteric


(From Enterocele 3426 an intestine, and a rupture). See Hernia scrotalis.

Enterocele ovularis. A rupture of the intestines through the foramen ovale.

Entero Epiplocele

(From Entero Epiplocele 3428 the omentum, and tumor,) when both the omentum and intestines protrude through the integuments of the belly.

Entero-hydrocele, (from Entero Epiplocele 3430water, and a hernia). A dropsy of the scrotum, with a descent of the intestine.