(From Haemodia 4042 to stupify). A painful stupor of the teeth, from acid and austere substances.


(From Haemoptoe 4043 and to spit up).

See Haemoptysis.


(From the same). Haemotoricus. A person who discharges blood from the mouth.


Ab Exania. See Haemorrhois Procidens.


(From Haemorrhous 4054 sanguis, and fiuo). The name of a poisonous serpent (see P. AEgi-neta, lib. v. cap. 15,) or those large veins, which, when opened, discharge the blood copiously. Hippocrates.


(From Haemostasia 4056 blood, and to stand). A general stagnation of blood from a plethora.


A, (from Haemostatic 4058 blood, and to stop). Medicines which stop haemorrhages.


An Indian fruit, said to resemble pepper (see Lemery des Drogues;) not noticed by botanists.

Hagiospe Rmon

Hagiospe Rmon 4060 holy, and ' semen; from its reputed virtues). See Santonicumhagioxylox. holy, and wood; from its virtues). See Guaiacum lignum.


See Capillus and Pilus.

Hair worm. See Gordiushair lip. See Labia leporina


(From Halchemia 4064 salt, and out). The art of fusing salt.


(From Halcyox 4066 the sea, and to bring forth; a bird which lays its eggs in the sea). See Al-cedo.


(From Halcyontum 4068 the (ring's fisher, which is supposed to build its nest with it). The spume or froth of the sea.

Ha Lec

Harengus, the herring. Pickled herrings are applied to the soles of the feet as sinapisms. Fresh herrings are supposed to be alkalescent, and are useful when an acid prevails in the stomach. It is an oily food, and often disagrees. See Aliment.

Halica Cabum

(From Halica Cabum 4069 the sea, and nightshade; because it grows on the banks of the sea). See Alkekengi.


Yawning after sleep.


Halimus 4071 the sea; from its brackish taste); portulaca maritima; atriplex maritima angustissimo folio; atriplex portulacoides Lin. Sp. Pl. 1493; common sea purslane, and tree sea purslane, is found in marshes; flowers in July and August. Dioscorides tells us that the leaves are eaten as food; and AEtius, that the buds are used as pickles. The plant is warm, and when pickled is supposed to assist the appetite and digestion.