(From Hedycroon 4087 sweet,) a mixture of a number of aromatic ingredients, formed into troches, said first to be invented and described by Androma-chus. Their composition is in some of the later dispensatories.


(From Hedyosmos 4088 sweet, and smell).

See Mentha.

Hedy Pnois

(From Hedy Pnois 4090 sweet, and to breathe). See Dens leonis.

Hedysarum Glycyrrhizatum

See Glaux vulgaris leguminosa.

Hedy Smata

(From Hedy Smata 4092 sweet). See Stymmata.


(From Helconia 4093 an ulcer). An ulcer of the cornea.


(From Helcydrion 4094 an ulcer, and water). A small ulcerous pustule.


(From Helcyster 4096 to draw). A hook for extracting the foetus.


(From Helene, where it grew. See Enula.

He.lenium Indicum. See Battatas Canad.

Heleoseli Num

(From Heleoseli Num 4097 a fen, and arte; from growing in marshy places). See Apium.


(From Helianthemum 4099 the sun,and a flower; because its flower turns to the sun). See Chamaecistus, Battatas Canadensis.

Helica Lis Major Helicalis Minor

(From Helica Lis Major Helicalis Minor 4101 the outer border of the ear). See Auricula.

Helichry Sum

And Heliochryson,(from Helichry Sum 4102 the sun, and gold). Goldylocks. See

Elichrysum, also Gnaphalium montanum.


DAE' I Pulvis. See Euphrasia.


(From Helioscopios 4104 the sun and to behold; because it turns to the sun). See Tithy-malus.


(From Helitis 4108 a nail; because it was used to be beaten from nails and pins). See AEris squamae.


(From Helix 4109 to turn). A spiral line. Sec


Helleboraster Hellebora

Strum, (from Helleboraster Hellebora 4110 hellebore). Bear's foot. See Helleborus Fcetidus.


Hippocrates and his successors introduced hellebore into the rectum, both for vomiting and purging, altering the strength according to circumstances; and the effects were called helleborizing.