(From the same). Belonging to the liver, is applied to medicines serviceable to the diseases of that organ; and to a pain in the region of this organ.

Hepatica vulgaris, fontana, terestris, stellata, jecoraria, lichen petraeus latifolius; marchantia poly-ha Lin. Sp. Pl. 1603. Stone, or star liver wort; is a species of moss growing in stony places; perennial, and running to seed in March and April. It is said to be aperient and resolvent, but is scarcely known in practice.

Hepatica nobilis, trifolium aureuma and hepati-eum, hepatica trifolia, herba trinitatis, ranunculus tri-dentatus vernus; herb trinity, and Noble liver wort; anemone hepatica Lin. Sp. Pl. 758; is a low plant, without any stalk; the flowers are commonly blue, sometimes reddish or white, followed by white seeds. It is perennial, grows in gravelly shady grounds let-many, and other parts of Europe; and flowers in our gardens in February or March.

This plant is esteemed a mild restringent and corroborant, and infusions of it are used as tea. Its astringency is equally communicated to water or spirit, and wholly remains in the extracts. See Lewis's Materia Medica. Raii Historia.

Hepatica alba. See Parnassia.

Hepatica arteria. Hepatic artery. As soon as this artery leaves the coeliaca, where it is covered by the pancreas, it runs to the upper and inner part of the pylorus; sending off two branches, a small one called pylorica, and a larger one called gastrica dextra, or major. It then passes behind the ductus hepaticus, towards the vessica fellis, to which it gives two branches, called arteries cystica, and another called biliaria, which is lost in the great lobe of the liver. Afterwards this artery enters the fissure of the liver, and joins the vena portae, with which it runs in the capsula Glissonii, and accompanies it through the whole substance of the liver by numerous ramifications, which may be termed arte-ria hepaticae propria.

Hepatica brachii vena. See Basilica vena.

Hepatica minor vena. A branch from the vena portae ventralis; sometimes a branch of the cysticae venae.

Hepatica stellaris. See Asperula.

Hepatica steilata. See Asperula.

Hepatica terrestris jecoraria. Sec Hepatica Vulgaris.