(From Hirquus 4220 a hedge). The great angle of the eye.


(From hirsutus, hairy). Unnatural hairiness of the body.


(From hit-undo, a swallow; so called from the resemblance of its pods to a swallow). Swallow wort. See Asclepias.

Hispanicum Viride

See AErugo AEris. Hispiditas, from hispid us, rough, hairy). Hairiness in general; but sometimes limited to the diseases called phalangosis, or distichiasis.


(From the rough woolly surface of its stalks). See Gnaphalium montanum.


(From Historia 4221 a case). An history. In medicine it is a medical case, or in the French idiom an observation.


A Chinese earth resembling, it is supposed, steatite, or soap rock, but fusible, and more probably argillaceous, with a mixture of silex. Hoaxacan. See Guaiacum. Hociamsanum. See Agrimonia. Hoitziloxitl. See Balsamum Peruvianum. Holcimos, (from Hoache 4222 to draw). An epithet applied to what may be drawn out, and still preserve its continuity. It sometimes means a tumour of the liver. See Galen de Loc. Affect.


(From the same). See Milium Indicum. Holippae. Thin cakes made with flower and sugar, poured upon a hot iron, figured, and then set on the fire. The name is now appropriated to sweetmeats; occasionally to such as are laxative.


The Indian name for what the Spaniards call alii, a resinous liquor, distilling from the tree called chilli; used in dysenteries. See Raii Historia. Holocyron. See Chamaepitys. Holophlyctides, (from Holli 4223 whole, and

Holli 4225 a pustule). See Phlyctaenae. Holoschoenos, (from whole, and a bulrush). See Juncus odoratus.

Holostes Holosteum

(From Holostes Holosteum 4228 whole, and a bone; from their use in restoring broken bones). See Osteocolla.


According to Bontius, a poisonous substance; but its nature is unknown.


(From Holotonicos 4230 whole, and to stretch). An universal convulsion, or rigor of the whole body. See Tetanus.


(From Homogeneus 4232 We, and kind).

An uniform body, or mixture.


(From the same, and Homolinon 4234 fax).

Crude flax, or coarse cloth, of which towels were formerly made in the public baths.