Ls, (from Hydrorachit 4329 water, and the spine). See Spina bifida.


(From Hydrorosaton 4331 water, and a rose,) a drink made of water, honey, and the juice of roses. Se Paulus .AEgineta, lib. vii. c. 15.


(From Hydrorhodinon 4333 aqua,and the oil of roses,) water mixed with the oil of roses; given by Galen as an emetic in cases of poison. Hydrosaccharum, (from aqua, and sugar,) a composition of sugar and water, which answers to the hydromeli by changing honey for sugar.


(From Hydrosarca 4337 water, and flesh). A tumour or abscess containing water and flesh. M. A. Severinus.


(From Hydrosarcocele 4339 water, flesh, and an hernia). See Sarcocele.


(From Hydroselinum 4342 and purslane). See Apium.


(From Hydrothorax 4344 and the.

chest",. See Hydrops pectoris. Hydroticus, (from Hydrothorax 4346water). See Hydragogcs.


(From Hygieine 4348 to be in health). The doctrines of health. See Hygieia and Medicina.


(From the same). Hygienists; physicians who only attend people in health, to prevent diseases. The temperaments, the constitution, the air, the food, the habitations, the changes in the functions of the body, and those from different ages.

seasons, and climates, were the objects of their attention.


(from Hygra 4349 humid). Liquid plasters.

See also Colophonia.


(From Hygroblepharicus 4350 humid, and an eyelid). Hygrophthalmicus. An epithet of some ducts discovered in the extreme edge or inner part of the eyelids, leading probably from glands.


(From Hygrocirsocele 4352 humid, a varix, and a tumour). A species of hernia, from a varicous spermatic vein, while the scrotum is at the same time filled with water.