Membranes spread under other parts, as the pleura.


And Hypnobatasis, (from Hypnobates 4405 sleep, and to go). See Somnambulo.


(From Hypnologia 4407 sleep, and a discourse,) instructions relative to the due regulation of sleep and waking.


And Hypnoticus,(from Hypnopoeos 4409 sleep, and to cause). Hypnotics, medicines which procure sleep. See Anodyna.


Hypo 4411 A preposition signifying under; but, in composition it imports not only inferiority with respect to situation, but a remission or diminution.

Hypocapni Sma

(From Hypocapni Sma 4412 under, and to smoke). See Suffimentlm.


And Hypercarothis,

(From Hypocarodes 4414 sub, and carus). One who labours under a low degree of a carus.


(From Hypocatharsis 4416 sub, and purgo). A Slight Purging.


From Hypocaustum 4418 under, and to burn). Sec Caladarium.


(From Hypocerchnaleon 4420 and an asperity of the fauces,) an asperity of the fauces and aspera arteria, occasioning a stridulous breathing.


(From Hypocheomenos 4422 to suffuse).

One who labours under a cataract.


See Hypochondriacus Morbus.


And Hypochysis, (from Hypochyma 4427 and to pour; because the ancients thought that the opacity proceeded from something running under the crystalline humour). See Cataracta.


(From Hypocistis 4429 under, and the cistus). The rape of Cistus; orobanche; cytinus hy-jiocistis Lin.; not inserted in the last edition of his species, but formerly referred to the genus asarum; asarum hypocystis Lin. Sp. Pl. 633. The inspissated juice of this plant is of a firm consistence, and a bright black colour; of a mild astringent taste; and of similar medical virtues with the Egyptian acacia, though differing from it by almost totally dissolving in rectified spirits of wine. See Raii Historia Plantarum; Lewis's Materia Medica. Both this and the acacia are equally disused; and both were employed in checking profluvia.