Iracundus Musculus

(From ira, anger). See Abductor oculi.

Irlngus, Eryngo. See Eryngium.

Iris Latifolia Tuberosa

See. Zingiber.

Ibis vulgaris; iris hortensis nostras; iris Ger- manica Lin. Sp. Pl. 55; iris purpurea, the common purple iris. Several blue or purple flowers stand on one stalk: their arched segments bearded with a yel-lowish matter. The plant is a native of the mountainous parts of Germany, common in our gardens, and flowers in June. The roots, when fresh, smell disagreeably, have an acrid nauseous taste, and are a strong irritating cathartic. The expressed juice has been given in a dropsy, from two to four drachms diluted with water. By gently inspissating the juice it is less active; but, if inspissated to dryness, it loses its purging quality. The dried root resembles in smell and taste the Florentine species.

Irradia Tio

(From irradio, to thine upon). See Actinorolysmus.


(From in, and regularis, regular). A disease anomalous in its paroxysms.


See Arum.


(From Isatis 4578 to make even, from its power in reducing tumours). Sativa latifolia; tinctoria. Woad. See Glastum.

Isatis Indica. See Indicum.


(From isatis, and Isatodes 4579 likeness'). Of the colour of woad.


Isca 4580 A fungous excrescence of the oak, or of the hazel. The ancients used it as the moxa. See Moxa.


(From Ischaemon 4581 to restrain, and blood). A name for any medicine which restrains or stops bleeding.

Ischaemon sativum. Manna grass. See Gra-men.


(From Ischias 4583 the hip). A name of a rheumatic affection of the hip joint, called the sciatica or ischiadicus morbus, and of two crural veins, one of which is called the greater, the other the less. See Cruralis vena.


(From the same). See Arthritis.


Ex Abscessu, (from Ischias 4584 thehi/,).

See Arthropuosis.

Ischias sparganosi. See Lymphaeducrus.


(From Ischiatocele 4585 the genitive of and rupture). Intestinal rupture through the sacro-sciatic ligaments.


A rupture between the os sacrum and the tuberosity of the os ischium.


Coccygae' Us. See Coccygaeus anterior.


The ligament which retains the head of the thigh bone in the acetabulum coxendicis.

Ischnopho Nia

(From Ischnopho Nia 4589 slender, and the voice). A shrillness of the voice; but more frequently a hesitation of speech, or a stammering; psellismus hesitant.