(From lana, wool, and gero, to bear,) an epithet of trees, which bear a woolly or downy substance, like what is contained in the catkins of the willow.

La Ntana. See Viburnum.


(Quasi lanam ago, bearing wool). Down. The seeds of plants surrounded by a downy substance which carries them in the air are termed lanuginous, or pappous. See Chnus.

Laconica Curatio

A method of curing the gout by warm applications.

La Para

(From La Para 4640 to empty'). The flanks, which seldom appear distended.


(From lapara, the flanks, and Laparocele 4641 rupture). A rupture through the side of the belly.

Lapides Cancrorum

See Cancer.


Or Lapidillus, (from lapis, a stone). The name of a kind of spoon, formerly used to take out small stones and fragments from the bladder.


(A dim. of lapis, a stone ). See Oculi Cancrorum.


Lappa 4644 from its sticking to the clothes). See Bardana major, minor, and Arctium.


(A dim. of lappa). See Hippophaes; sometimes the aparine. Blanchard.

Lappula Canaria

(From lappa burdock). See Caucalis.

Lapsana Communis

Lin. Sp. Pl. 1141. Dog cresses or nipple wort. It is cooling, and somewhat astringent, but differing little from the endive or succory. As its name implies, it has been most commonly used as an application to sore nipples.


(From the Hebrew term laquah). See Brochos.

LaQ.ueus gutturis. A malignant inflammation of ' the tonsils.


(From lar, a chimney, in which it is dried). Bacon. See Aliment.


Larix 4645 pleasant, from its beautiful appearance). The, larch tree; pinus larix Lin. Sp. Pl. 1420. The leaves are long and narrow, produced out of small tubercles, but fall in winter; the cones are small and oblong; the branches regular; common on the Alps, and in several parts of Germany: from it is produced the Venice turpentine. Raii Historia. It is also a name for several species of cedar. See Ce-drus.


(From lar, a shadow, or familiar spirit). A mask. When the face is burnt with gunpowder, etc. the application is a linen mask, moistened with proper remedies, and applied to the face: it is tied behind with six tapes. The appellation also of insects in the form of caterpillars, which is considered as their disguised state, since their perfect form, in which the species will be reproduced, is that of a butterfly.

Laryngaeae Arteriae

(From Laryngaeae Arteriae 4646 the larynx). See Gutturalis arteria.


(From Laryngotomia 4647 the throat, and to cut). See Tracheotomia.


(A Greek primitive). See Aspera arteria.


(From lacio, to ensnare). See Chorea Sancti Viti.