See Fabago.


(From lego, to gather, usually gathered by the hand). The seeds of the leguminous plants-are called pulse, as pease, beans, etc. Ray calls all those plants leguminous which have a papilionaceous flower. See Farinacea.


(From Leiopodes 4653 plain, and a foot).

Even footed; plancus, splay foot. Those the soles of whose feet are without the usual hollow part.


(From Leiphaemoi 4655 to be deficient, and blood). Those who have too little blood.


(From Leipodermos 4657 and the skin).

See Preputium.

Leipopsy Chia

(From Leipopsy Chia 4659 and the soul or life). A fainting fit, Languor; synonymous with adynamia.


(From Leipothymia 4661 and the mind). A fainting fit, a swooning. See Lipo-thymia.


(From Leipyria 4663 to leave, and heat).

A dangerous species of tertian, in which the internal are scorched, whilst the external parts are cold.

Lemnia Terra

Earth of Lemnos, the dried pulp of the adansonia baobab. See Baobab.

Lempnias Calcis

Scales of brass, which separate when beat with a hammer.


(From Lenos 4665 to bruise). Hollow troughs where grapes are bruised. In surgery, a channel or excavation, made in some machines for extending and reducing fractured bones. Hippocrates. See Cerebrum.


( lentore, viscidity, from their glutinous quality). Lentils, phace, or phaecos, are shaped like tares, but less, and are a flatulent indigestible food; ervum lens Lin. Sp. Pl. 1039. It is not now used in medicine. Lens is also the appellation of the crystalline humour of the eye, so denominated from its shape. See Oculus.

Lenta Febris

Slow fever. See Hectica.


(From lenticula, a Until). See Millefolium.

Lenticulae Lentigenes

(dim. from lens). A smaller species of lentils, and freckles on the face or breast. See Ephelides, Effila, and also Petechia.

Lenticula Palustris

Duck meat, lens palustris, aquatica, lenticularia minor, lemna minor Lin. Sp. Pl. 1376; grows on the surface of stagnant water, and is in appearance simple and foliaceous; its roots slender, capillaceous, and pellucid. Externally it is supposed to be cooling.

Lenticula Palustris Major

And Aquamica Trisulca; hederula aquatica, lemna trisulca Lin. Sp. Pl. 1376; its qualities are similar to the former.