(From Lethargus 4686 forgetfulness, and slothful). Lethargy; veternus. See Caros and Apoplexia.


(From Leucanthemum 4688 and as it only differs from the chrysanthemum in the white floret). A name also for the common and other species of camomile. See Chamaemelum.

Leucanthemum bellidis facie. See Bellis Major.

Leucanthemum Canariense; chamaemelum Ca-nariense. The effects are the same as those of the pel-litory root, if chewed.

Leucanthe Veterum

(From Leucanthe Veterum 4690 white, and a thorn). See Calcitrapa officinalis.

Leucas Montana

See Lamium luteum.


(From Leuce 4692 white). See Alphus.


(From Leucoium 4693 white, and a violet).

See Cheiri, and Bulbonach.


(From Leucolachanon 4695 white, and a herb). See Valeriana sylvestris.


(From Leucoma 4697 white). See Albugo.

Leucoma nephelium. See Achlys.


(From Leuconymphaea 4698 white, and water lily). See Nymphaea.


(From Leucophlegmatia 4700 white, and phlegm). In leucophlegmatia, Aretaeus observes, the flesh is not wasted as in anasarca, and it is more easily cured: indeed it is only the beginning of anasarca. Sometimes this word signifies an empthy-sema.


(From Leucopiper 4702 white, and pepper). See Piper album.


And Leucorrhois, (from Leucorrhoea 4704 white, and to flow). See Fluor Albus.

Since that article was printed, we find cantharides proposed as a remedy for this disease, in consequence of its resemblance to gleet. It was given, it is said, by Greenfield with success; and, indeed, a topical stimulant may be occasionally useful. The balsam, copaiba is probably no more.

Levitas Intestinorum

(From the food passing quickly). See Lienteria.


(From Libanotis 4706 frankincense ). Cachrys, cachrysea, fennel herb, frankincense, athamanta libanotis Lin. Sp. Pl. 351, more probably laserpitium ferulaceum Lin. 358, grows on mountains in Italy and Sicily, and flowers in May. It is also a name for several sorts of laserpitium,ferula glauco folio, ferula minor, rosmarinus, oreoselinum opii, and several other plants.